Can You Use Hootsuite & Buffer to Post to Twitter & Parler at the Same Time

With the increasing popularity of Parler, the people who wanted to use both services are willing and hoping that other platforms will cooperate with them.

Parler is becoming more and more popular after Twitter starts censoring posts. Now, the users active on these microblogging platforms are wondering if they can use services like Buffer and Hootsuite to post on Twitter & Parler at the same time.

Parler and Twitter are both microblogging platforms that are used by the people to post individual comments. Founded in the year 2018, Parler can be described as the unofficial Twitter spin-off. Parler is very much similar to Twitter in its functionality. But, Parler users claim that the social media platform is more friendly and supportive of free speech, which they don’t find about Twitter. Free speech is often prioritized by not censoring opinions of conservatives. Since Parler advocates unbiased free speech without restrictions, many users have flocked to the platform. These large numbers of users are finding Twitter to censor their opinions and ideas, which Parler is not doing.

A large number of users active on Parler are also the users of Twitter at the same time. All these users are willing to know if they can post on Twitter and Parler simultaneously. However, they can post on both social media platforms as they are willing, but they will require to do it manually. The social media management services like Buffer and Hootsuite that allow the users for cross-posting automatically are not compatible with the microblogging platform Parler currently. So, the users willing to cross-post on both platforms can copy the text after writing it somewhere else and then paste the same text on Twitter and Parler.

Will Hootsuite and Buffer will Partner with Parler?

However, the users have flocked to Parler, but its latest user base is less than 1 percent than Twitter has. Also, the microblogging platform has existed in the market for the last two years. It means Parler will need to work out on improving many features and taking steps to make the platform reliable if wanted to remain permanently. Any social media can handle these issues, but there are some other strong potential problems also that are enough to scare companies like Buffer and Hootsuite. Parler is not the first social media service that has waved the flag of free speech. Many other platforms, like Gab, have also attracted people and earned a reputation. It became a haven for extremists and hate speech supporters leading it to be banned from Google Play Store and App Store. Considering that, Parler is also attracting more conservatives; some people are afraid that it may await the same consequences. However, it remains to see what kind of comments and posts the company is going to qualify for its platform. It has to keep an eye on the posts and comments users posting on its platform. Overall, Parler is also looking for ways to establish itself as a successful social media platform and so doing everything to expand its user base. It wants to innovate social media along with empowering its users and building community.

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