Canada Bans Direct Flights From India And Pakistan For 30 Days Amidst Surge In COVID Cases

The Federal Government of Canada has announced that they are placing a 30-day ban on all private and commercial flights from India and Pakistan. The 30-day ban comes amidst a massive surge in coronavirus cases in the 2 countries.

The government of Canada did announce that Cargo planes that are carrying coronavirus vaccines and other medical equipment will be allowed to enter the country.

Ministers of health, immigration, transport, public safety, and intergovernmental affairs announced the news in a joint press conference.

The ban is effective from 11:30 p.m. EST of April 22, 2021 and will last for 30 days.

Omar Alghabra, the Transport Minister of Canada, said that they are imposing the ban as more passengers are arriving in the Country with covid-positive tests. Most of them are from Pakistan and India.

In the span of 14 days, over 100 international flights have landed in Canada and out of them, at least 1 positive case was present.

stop flight from india

32 of the flights were from India.

India right now is seeing a massive surge in coronavirus cases. On Thursday of this week, the country recorded 314,000 new cases and on Friday, the country added 346,000 cases.

Lack of oxygen supplies, lack of beds for covid patients, and other medicinal facilities are currently in shortage in India right now.

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