Canada Extends Flight Ban From India Until August 21

Canada extends it once again!

 Canada has announced that they are going to extend the flight ban from India until August 21 of this year despite lifting off the ban from Pakistan in June.

Earlier this year, Canada placed a ban on international flights from people that are in India and Pakistan due to concerns about rising cases of COVID-19 variants and the rapid spread of the disease in the country.

All passenger and business flights from the 2 countries were suspended for a bunch of months. The ban was initially in place for 30 days, however, it was extended multiple times before Pakistan’s ban was lifted off on June 21 of this year.

India to canada flights baned1

The government of Canada has also announced that they are going to ease travel restrictions on fully vaccinated tourists beginning in August.

India is the leading source of new immigrants and international students for Canada and the constant ban on international flights from the country is hurting the intake percentage of the country right now.


According to official data, people from India have accounted for 20 percent of new permanent residents and 30 percent of new students.

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