Candid Vs Traditional Wedding Photography

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime event for the groom and bride. People want to remember their big day for the rest of their lives. Wedding photography is a great way to preserve a couple’s most memorable moments. Today, there is a trend of candid wedding photography that is catching up rapidly. This is a new trend, but traditional wedding photography still has a lot of fans.


Expect the Unexpected: Candid is Always Spontaneous


Candid photography is a mixture of old and new. Because it covers a very traditional wedding with new different shades so it takes a picture of someone who doesn’t know the picture is being taken. Therefore, the name candid. The photographer clicks the photo without staging the scene. Therefore, it is natural and brings the feel of being real. Photographers move around the wedding area by capturing people performing wedding ceremonies. In fact, candid photography costs more than traditional photography, but it’s become more popular these days.


Tradition is Still a Trend


In contrast to candid photography, traditional photography consists of formal images of people. You are aware that someone is clicking your photo. This type of photo is more formal in its approach. With traditional photography, any photographer can take the photograph where everyone is giving their best pose. It also means that people can dress up as they like and pose for themselves.


Candid V / S Traditional Photo: Difference


Traditional photography captures the event in its original way. The beauty of candid wedding photography lies in the natural reaction of people. Click on people with the best emotions and photograph the feelings of the moment. In traditional photographs, it is clearly visible when the photograph shows the newlyweds. They are also in the center of the photo. This is different from candid photos. Here photographers can set their own viewing angle for couples’ photos. They can focus on the scene through their new position. And they can use light to give the photo a fresh look. So, it’s more creative.


Technical Know-How


There is a difference between the approach of a candid photographer and that of a traditional photographer. For example, a candid portrait photo uses light and clicks on a person in a more informal tone. The final look of a photo also depends on how the photo is processed. And, of course, it also depends on the skill of the photographer. For instance, in Gravesend Gurdwara Wedding Celebrations as the couple walks across the interior, circling the raised platform with Guru Granth Sahib for during every stanza of the lavan, the photographer quietly follows them with the lens be it for traditional or candid photography.


The difference between the two formats is in the way both photographers observe the scene where they need to take a picture. And also, how they frame and click the photo. The difference may also be in the atmosphere they prefer and the use of light.


Candid photography is trending, but that doesn’t mean the traditional version is out. There are many fans of traditional photography. The results will be different in both cases. However, depending on the skill of the photographer, either style of photography can produce good results. In addition, certain parts of the wedding require traditional photos, but some are best with candid. If you happen to be in UK, Asian Wedding Photography Service in the UK, draws the artistry of the ceremonial shots using both candid and traditional photography.

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