Cannot use Facebook Messenger

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If you are a regular user of Facebook, then it is obvious that you know about its messenger application which is Facebook Messenger. This application lets you send or receive messages through Facebook but you cannot view any other thing related to Facebook there. At times this app starts behaving in an abnormal way and you are not able to use it properly. Call at Facebook technical support number as we are expert in resolving such issues.

There can be several reasons for not being able to use Facebook messenger. Some of them are mentioned below:

  •  Facebook messenger is down.
  •  It keeps crashing or freezing.
  •  Not able to view the messages received on messenger.
  •  Facebook messenger is not working.

At the Facebook phone number, the tech experts can help you fix these issues and other issues with Facebook Messenger.

To resolve the issues and get back to use Facebook messenger, follow the given steps:

  • Clear the caches: to clear the messenger caches, follow the given steps:1. Open the ‘Settings’ section of your phone.
    2. Now open the ‘Applications Manager’.
    3. Now move to the Facebook messenger application and open it. This will show the space occupied by this application.
    4. Now move to the ‘Clear Cache’ option. Click on it and clear the cache data.
  •  Internet issues: the Facebook messenger can stop working due to internet connectivity issues. In this case, the following steps might help:1. Check if you are able to use internet for other applications.
    2. Try restarting your phone and then reopen Facebook Messenger.
    3. Try clearing your Facebook data by tapping ‘Clear data’.
    4. By pressing clearing data, it will delete your saved account information and you will be required to re-enter your email ID and password to login to Facebook Messenger.
  •  Updating the Facebook Messenger: You can also try updating the Facebook Messenger application so that it might improve its functioning and can remove other issues with it.
  •  Other solutions: It is also possible that your mobile device might be infected with the virus. So first scan your device and make sure there is no virus in it. After this re-install Facebook Messenger and then try logging into it.

These methods can be applied when you are not able to use Facebook Messenger. They are easy to apply but in case you face any difficulty while using them, then you can call at the Facebook customer service number. By doing this you can take the professional help from technical experts.

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