Canon and Nikon to Give Sony Serious Competition in the World of Mirrorless Cameras

Sony has been a major player in the mirrorless digital camera market for a long time. However, their long-standing position is about to be challenged as other companies up their game. There has been a long-standing debate about which camera does a better job, mirrorless digital cameras, or the DSLR? The major advantage that mirrorless cameras and DSLRs have over other cameras is that the lens can be changed. Recently, mirrorless cameras have started to take center stage. The DSLRs have also updated themselves and now share quite a number of common features with the mirrorless cameras.

What Sets Them Apart?

Canon and Nikon to Give Sony Serious Competition in the World of Mirrorless Cameras

The main difference between the two is in the way that a photograph is captured. In a DSLR, a mirror present inside the body of the camera reflects the light that enters through the lens onto a prism. This light then reaches the viewfinder, where you can preview your shot. Once you’re happy with your shot, you hold down the shutter button. The shutter allows an opening that lets the reflected light reach the image sensor.

The mirrorless camera, on the other hand, operates more like the camera on your smartphone. The light entering the lens hits the image sensor directly. The image sensor shows you a preview of your photograph before you click it. There are models that also feature an EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) to give you a better preview of your image in high exposure settings.

Sony is a veteran in the mirrorless camera world. However, here’s what advantage companies like Nikon and Canon have over Sony.

Why Mirrorless Cameras Aren’t Going to Work for Everyone

One major factor that attracts a lot of buyers to pick mirrorless cameras is the fact that it can adapt to lenses giving you a variety of lenses to choose from. Owing to the absence of a mirror box, these cameras have a much shorter flange distance. Because of this, almost all the lenses used for a DSLR could be adapted for use on a Sony mirrorless camera. This fact could potentially transform how a lot of professionals handle their gear. This, however, comes with its own set of drawbacks. The adapter slows down the functioning speed of the autofocus, and eventually, frequent glitches begin to rear their heads. Hence these adapters don’t prove to be reliable for the kind of work that involves heavy use of the autofocus.

Another thing to remember is that before Sony changed the game with its mirrorless cameras, Canon and Nikon were the bigger players in the DSLR favoring market. Back in the year 2010, 44.5% of the market share for cameras with interchangeable lenses was owned by Canon. Nikon came in second with a market share of 29.8%, and Sony was at the back with its 11.9% market share. What’s more, is that Nikon and Canon still continue to reign over the lens market. It is an extremely difficult task to get a professional photographer to switch over from buying lenses and gear from a brand that they trust and have been using for a long time. Despite how steep this challenge may seem, Sony did manage to turn an impressive amount of users. This fact speaks volumes about how well Sony had managed to market its mirrorless technology.

Canon and Nikon Are Entering the Mirrorless Market

Looking at how successful the new mirrorless camera technology has been in the market, Canon and Nikon are looking to launch their own mirrorless models. They have the advantage of leveraging their loyal users into adapting with the new mirrorless cameras. Given how hesitant photographers are when it comes to switching brands, Canon and Nikon see massive potential in their new investment.

Considering how Nikon and Canon had previously dominated the DSLR world, a majority of photographers continue to use their gears and lenses around the world. This will definitely work in their favor as the two progress into the world of mirrorless digital cameras.

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