Canon IJ Setup

Canon IJ setup is really easy setup of the printer just like another printer setup it is one of the top-notch brands since the world of printers as across the globe with around millions of users. Canon has evolved for years and is giving outstanding quality performances. Well if you are also looking out for the canon IJ setup steps then this blog will help you do it


So let’s begin with the steps for the canon ij setup simply follow the easy guide below and get started with the steps to set up your printer.


Steps To Setup Canon IJ Setup


  • You need to have an access point for the router or your wifi modem. Now your access point has to be completely working and needs to have a good internet connection.


  • The next step is to ensure that you need to have a laptop this is linked to the net where you need to ensure your computer is connected to the internet. 


  • If the website does no longer open up, this indicates your laptop isn’t always connected to the internet.


Canon IJ Setup to Connect Printer to network


  • Now the steps for the are that there are some inbuilt connections in the wps.


  • Your canon printer can connect easily to the network even without entering the password.


  • Now you need to make sure that in order to connect to the WPS button to proceed with the WPS Connection approach for canon ij setup


  • Now you ensure that the printer is turned on for the process of


  • Now press and hold the Wi-Fi button gift on top of the printer till the alarm lamp flashes once.


  • Ensure that the lamp next to this button begins flashing blue. After it flashes blue, visit your get entry to factor and press the WPS button inside 2 mins.


  • Wi-Fi lamp at the printer will continue to flash blue even as it searches, and the strength and Wi-Fi lamp will flash when connecting to the get entry to point for the process of


  • The Power and Wi-Fi lamp will forestall flashing and stay lit when the printer has effectively made a connection in your wi-fi community.l.

Well, now we will be explaining the network connecting steps for your com/ijsetup below. In case you have queries for the above explained then you can reach out to our expert will help you.


canon ij setup



Network Setting Confirmation


  • Make sure to turn on your canon printer for the setup process.


  • The next step is to load an A4 sheet in the printer’s tray for the print test.


  • Now after the above step, you need to press and keep the resume/cancel button until the alarm lamp flashes for 15 instances. 


  • After you are through with the above then release the button after it is completed flashing 15 instances for the process of com/ijsetup.


  • The network information web page will print.


  • The last one is to check whether or not the connection indicates active and that the SSID – Service Set suggests the precise call of your wi-fi community inside the printout.


Well once done then you can download the software and then click on the finish you have completed your setup now.




Well, we hope that now you are able to do the as explained above with the easy steps. If you are still facing issues then dont worry we have got your bach simply get in touch with our team of experts as they are available for 24*7 at your assistance to guide you for all your doubts. Feel free to contact us.


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