Canon’s new Colorado 1630 UVgel Roll-to-Roll printer


Important Highlights-

  • Canon has announced to bring its latest Colorado 1630 UVgel Roll-to-Roll Printer.
  • It is a time and cost-effective printer based on UVgel technology, ideal for businesses.
  • It produces high-quality prints of up to 1,800 dpi and is long-lasting with an instant drying capacity.

Canon has recently announced to launch its new Colorado 1630 UVgel Roll-to-Roll Printer. The configuration for Colorado 1630 UVgel’s base model can be made as per the business requirements by adding the features like FLXfinish, a second media roll, and easy double-sided printing. This Canon printer has been structured to be resilient, consistent, and stable, all at once.

The Colorado 1630 printer by Canon offers to deliver the finest quality print of 1,800 dpi, with long-lasting, free of odor, and instant drying capability, tackle the vast available applications. Also, this printer has been designed for sign makers, PSPs, and domestic printers. It can manage to reach the speed of 1,195 square feet per hour while printing outdoor banners and billboards. Working in its high-quality mode it can attain a speed of around 312 square feet per hour.


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This Canon printer shares its features, output quality, and flexibility with Canon’s Colorado 1650 printer, which is comparatively faster than Colorado 1630. Canon’s Colorado 1650 printer Canon’s unique UVgel 460 inks can also be imported to Colorado 1630 printer to produce finely honed printouts with a wide array of colors. It provides effortless printing with the minimized cost of printing due to its excellent efficiency, with lesser wastage and 40 percent lesser consumption of ink, compared to other technologies.  This is the best way to let the customers expand their outcomes and extend their business.

The Colorado 1630 has been brought to the existing UVgel roll-to-roll printers lineup and has certainly raised Canon’s printer market. On the other hand, the Colorado 1650 is also available for customers with higher volumes as well as those with the UVgel Wallpaper Factory.


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