Capacity to go to Hajj

Even with the high cost of a trip to Hajj, with the accommodations, rates, and services, the irony of the American Muslim family is that many have the financial capacity to go to Hajj.
The problem for them is not how much money they have but how much they have left. These families have enough money, Al H amdulil-lah, but their resources are already allocated and there isn’t much left at the end of the year.
In other words, after paying tuition in private schools, the mortgage, lease payments on both cars, and gym membership, there is little left for extra things like Hajj.
Some have extravagant lifestyles that leave no time or money for e Hayy, and others have lifestyles that are not as extravagant as they are structured, who also leave no space or time for a possible trip to Hajj & Silver Umrah Packages. Our lifestyles can become structured and routine when we get used to certain things in life.
We have to eat out on weekends, we always have to be fashionable, we need to drive flashy cars, our children need extracurricular activities, and the list goes on. We get used to these seemingly small things in life, which can become significant obstacles to other things.

The irony is that people who say they can’t afford to go to Hajj expect the money that will finance their trip. They anticipate a great bonus or a tax refund. They expect this great gift from Allah that will help them go to Hajj. For many of us, those 10,000 dollars or more we need to take our family to Hajj will not appear from heaven. We have to find them.

And to find them we have to know where to look. Determining where our money is will help us distribute and allocate it appropriately. For example, some wealthy families may have wealth in investments and real estate. This is money they own but is not accessible. In these cases, we would say that a millionaire can do the Hajj, but he will say that he cannot go since he does not have that extra amount of money.

Similarly, most families are required to deduct monthly amounts for retirement plans, children’s education funds, and others, and see that they do not have enough free money at the end of each year to do the Hajj.

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