Car Rental Checklist – A Comprehensive Guide

gocarsnowGoing on vacation and looking for something to help you navigate the city? Don’t worry, at Go Cars Now, you can get an Affordable car rental of your preference and take it for a drive to accompany you on your journey. This article is a helpful guide for first-time car rental customers that they should know before they book a car for rent from a car rental agency.


To rent a car, all vehicle rental firms need a driver’s license as the first and most crucial piece of document, and the user must be at least 21 years old.

Credit cards

You must make sure that the mode of payment you provide reflects your identification and is the same one used to pay the stockpiling price.

Driving Permit Abroad

Remember to carry your international driving license from home while renting a car in the country, as certain leasing agencies need it.

International Travel Driving Permit

A valid driver’s license issued by the government is always necessary before renting a car from a rental car agency. This is done to ensure that the vehicle is handed back to them safely and securely.


A gift card is generated and mailed to you to book or reserve your car. Before you leave the house, print it out or download it to your phone. This voucher should be given when picking up the car.

Other processes to keep in mind when renting a car are listed below:

  • It’s essential to keep an eye on the speed limit because it fluctuates from road to road.
  • Ensure you have the car rental agency’s contact information on hand in case of an emergency.
  • Read the car rental policy’s terms and restrictions.
  • Sign up the names of all the people who are going to use the car with the company to prevent getting charged if the car is driven by more than one person.
  • If you intend to drive over international borders, tell the rental company beforehand, as this is not permitted.
  • Take a few photos of the car before you start to drive to capture any potential damage.
  • To avoid getting charged an unnecessary service fee by the rental agency, ensure that you fill-up the car with gas before returning it.

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