Car transport for exotic and luxury rides

The exotic and luxury car transport need high quality services to be hauled safely. The company that takes care of the transportation of expensive cars needs to have the corresponding techniques like suitable transport, a professional team to put together and execute the plan. Not all companies can meet with the customer’s demands and deliver the car in the best shape. Luxury car transport is a niche area and requires high quality customer support from all angles.

The experience counts

A company with several years of experience in exotic or vintage car shipping is most preferable for customers. Safety being the top most concern, the remaining aspects also needs to be given attention to like timely pick up and drop off, genuine drivers, insurance, and so many other nuances need to be looked into.

What should you consider while choosing a luxury car transport?

There are so many types of luxury car brands and each type is different in its make and needs specialized care while car shipping across the US. Some of the cars like Beetle or BMW for example are that proper transportation service may not be available in your area of residence.

Going for a cheap transport company is not an option here given the standards of the vehicle. A Car Shipping Company needs to have several years of experience in shipping and handling such vehicles.

Another point to consider is the type of transportation like an open car transport or an enclosed transport. It’s a no brainer to consider the enclosed transport option because it is undoubtedly a better choice given the safety features.

Considerations while choosing a Car Shipping Company:

Most men who handle the car during the shipment process are daily wagers and they do not really care about what is inside the cargo shipment. They seem to be in a rush always and want to get the job done. Hastiness leads to accidents and therefore the burden of safety is on the car owner. To avoid such situations it is a good practice to take assurances from the shipping organization like warranty. So in case of loss or damage they will replace it or you will be compensated for the loss.

Some check points to remember and four golden rules to follow:

  1. It is fundamental for you to research about luxury car transport company that you may potentially work with. Also check if the fleet that is transporting your luxury car is maintained well and safety ensured.
  2. Ensure that the workers of the Car Shipping Company are qualified and also pay attention to their style of working. If you spot any amateurs play closer attention to them as they do not have the knowledge of handling such high end cars.
  3. From your end, always double check if the vehicle is empty and perfect for shipping. Many transport companies do not care what is inside the car and also will not be responsible for any loss of items.
  4. Check every aspect of the car like battery, tires, and inner furnishings and ensure that everything is in working condition. Check the fuel quantity as well and it is advisable to keep the fuel at a minimum level. Do not leave it at a full tank level. Last but not the least, note down the mileage of the car before you get it shipped.

Handling pricing and quotations:

When it comes to luxury cars nothing is cheap including the car transport. However, it is a very competitive market and there are quite a few companies in this niche sector. It is possible to get a reasonable quote if you shop for it patiently and diligently. Planning is the most important aspect of the entire process. Do not make any last minute plans and always be prepared by equipping yourself with information.


In the entire transportation industry, the luxury car transport branch is growing very quickly and is popular. Since it is a specialized field of transport they are not likely to be found at every nook and corner. They handle various car types like luxury brand cars, custom built cars, antique vehicles, and all other fancy ones. So choose the best company in your city and finally ensure that they allow you to track your ride by GPS.

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