Carpet Cleaning Secret From The Pro

Carpets can enhance the look of your office and residential area. Hence it is necessary to keep them in shiny, bright, and clean condition. Carpets are made from various materials which is why they require different care as per the material of the carpet. No matter how careful you might be, carpets are destined to have accidental stains or spills. If you want to save a big amount that you spend on a new carpet then we advise regular maintenance of the carpet is the only thing through which you can save your pocket.

In case your carpet has stains or spots then without trying DIY methods seek help from professionals. Professional services can help you in hassle and time-consuming ways.  Carpet cleaning by professionals in Parramatta improves air quality and removes excess moisture and dust mites that cause asthma and many respiratory diseases. Through this blog, we have explained some tips that work as wonder and carpet lifesavers. 

 Carpet Cleaning Secret From The Pro

Carpet Cleaning Secret from the Pro are as follows:

  • Pro Tip 1 For carpet cleaning- Vacuum On Daily Basis

The first thing that you notice on your carpet is dust or dirt. Vacuum is the first and foremost friend in carpet cleaning. If you do it purely and religiously as part of your household cleaning routine then you can definitely eliminate dust mites that are invisible to the naked human eye. Because of dust mites, people suffer from nasty allergies. Vacuuming your carpet prevents mold growth that can lead to health risks such as respiratory problems. By vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis or often, you will extend the life of your carpets and breathe cleaner air.

  • Pro Tip 2 For Carpet Cleaning- Do Not Rub Stains, Blot Them

Blotting is the key if your carpet accidentally has stains.  By rubbing stains particles of food tend to get deeper into the carpet fibres.  This can lead to odour and mould growth deep in your carpet. So do not let that stain sit there, deal with them as early as possible.

What’s the correct way of blotting? You can do this with a wipe, clean cloth, paper towel, or even with a sponge. This will help you if you do it in the correct way. Blotting can soak up the stain. For this process, you can save your carpet to soak up the stain by putting a small amount of pressure on the material you used as mentioned above. Keep in mind, always blot from the outside of the stain inward. This Carpet Cleaning Secret From The Pro proves helpful when a stain or spill first occurs. Must try!

  • Pro Tip 3- Use Entry Mats

By using entry mats you can save your carpets as they trap dirt that comes with your shoes from outside and will make it easier to clean your carpet. When we go outside we definitely carry dirt from outside. Sometimes we do not realize that our shoes contain dirt as they are not muddy and walk with those shoes on the carpet. But just because our shoes are not muddy, does not mean they are clean and ready to walk on your precious carpet. Outside animal and human fecal matter and many other bacteria come through the bottom of peoples’ shoes. Hence, using entry mats just outside at your door helps you to maintain hygiene and clean the carpet. By following this Carpet Cleaning Secret From The Pro you will notice that your carpets are really clean!

  • Pro Tip 4- Use Organic And Eco-Friendly Ways To Keep Your Carpet Clean

Accidents happen many times. If you did not realize chewing gum fell on the carpet then you do not need to worry you can remove it yourself all you need is an ice cube. You can use club soda if wine and beer fall down on your carpet. It will help you to vanish the stain without leaving any residue. Simple ordinary shaving cream also works as a wonder on stains. Apply it on the stain and leave it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, pour a mix of water and vinegar, and finish it. Lastly, blot it to dry with a clean towel.

  • Pro Tip 5- Use The Carpet Shampooer And Water Sparingly

Tackling stains in an appropriate way is necessary as the carpet shampooer leaves and works as a magnet. If water remains in it then mould can quickly grow in it. Hence it is advised to use carpet shampoo and water. Or in case you use it then definitely keep in mind that your carpet dries properly.

  • Pro Tip 6-  Steam Cleaning Machines

If you know how to use a carpet cleaning machine, take your time to clean the carpet thoroughly, and have free time on your hands, this could be the most affordable option. You might spend just $ 50 to $ 100 to clean your entire house. Some of these machines even have a heating element to keep the water hot. These machines have reasonably strong jets and suction. Find the best one by doing online research. As of now, the ones we have tried have required four to five times as long to clean the carpet and roughly three times as long to dry as professional-grade carpet cleaning equipment. Results could differ!

  • Pro Tip 7- Prevent Wear And Tear

We all listen and say prevention is better than cure. So, you should not smoke in areas where there is carpet. Tobacco fumes may leave a yellowish tinge on the carpet. Use trays and napkins at the time of eating or drinking. This can prevent greasy spills on your carpet. This carpet cleaning secret from the pro helps you to maintain your carpet looking new and retain its shine for a long time.

Fix Your Professional Carpet Cleaning Schedule On Regular Intervals

Mention above Carpet Cleaning Secrets From The Pro are the best options to maintain your carpet still your carpet needs professional cleaning once a year or every six months especially if you are a pet owner and have kids at your home. A professional carpet cleaner knows the best techniques to penetrate the fibre all the way down to the backing and keep your carpet in tip-top shape. A professional carpet cleaning is essential to keeping it looking fresh and new. Furthermore, it is helpful in removing oil and grease deposits in it and kills bacteria. As a result, you and your loved ones get fresh carpet!

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