Castlevania: Success So Far and the Upcoming Season 4

In 1455, a young woman who wants to become a doctor seeks the help of a Dracula. The Dracula is said to have possessed advanced scientific knowledge. Lisa, the young woman tries to help out the Dracula reconnect with humanity while in return she wishes to pursue her scientific endeavors with the help of his knowledge. The two start working with each other and later fall in love. They marry and are happy as they think they have found the love of their lives. But their happy journey comes to an abrupt end when some twenty years later Lisa is burned at stake after being accused of practicing Witchcraft. After her death, Dracula wages war against the people of Wallachia and gives them one year to make peace after which he vows to kill everyone. Even though his son stands up to him and tells him that he shouldn’t go after all the people but only the culprits. Dracula, being unreasonable, rejects all such proposals of peace and embarks on his quest to avenge for the death of her wife. What unfolds is the story of one of the most successful animated shows on the planet right now.

Castlevania is an animated web series that is an adaptation of a quintessential video game of the same name. The show has been a massive success and has become the most publicly praised video game reconstructions of all time. With season 3 of the iconic show releasing this March the fans are excited for season 4. The show has been one of the most successful Netflix originals for a reason. The TV series created by Warren Ellis boasts an IMDb rating of 8.2, a professional critics score of 93% for season 1, and a perfect score for the latter two seasons on Rotten Tomatoes.

The show has launched a renaissance of animation in the West according to voice actor Alejandra Reynoso. Her statement is not far from the truth. Castlevania has changed the outlook towards animated web series. The paradigm-shifting show has even changed the perspective of CEOs of Netflix who are now keen to invest in making animated web series. They are well aware of the monetary success these types of shows are capable of raking in.

What Can Be Expected From Season 4?

On 24th March it was made official that Castelvania is renewed for its season 4. As far as the cast for the new season is concerned there is no clarity over it and no one knows exactly what to expect. But there are speculations of the return of Dracula but they too still stand unverified. Although new characters are going to be introduced.

Various storylines were revealed in the first three seasons. But even with all the hints, it is quite hard to predict what will happen in season 4. After the betrayal of Alucard by Taka and Sumi. The son of Dracula might follow his father’s footsteps by accepting his vampire ancestral. This will mean that he will embrace his empire which might make him cold towards human beings.

There is also the possibility that the corridor might open and remain so. Which will mean the return of the Dracula along with his wife? There has been a lot of speculations regarding the return of the Dracule in the upcoming season. But as the production has been delayed due to the pandemic, we might get answers to all the questions in March 2021. That too in the case that there is no other delay in the production.

The season 4 of Castlevania is hopefully going to come back by early 2021 and if the massive success of the first three seasons is anything to go by.  We can expect another successful season for the animated web series. Castlevania has already tasted success. It will be tough to replicate the same success over and over again. It remains to be seen where the story goes in season 4 because it will also give hints as to how long we might expect the show to run. There are already 3 seasons for the show with the 4th coming next year. Fans still love it and there is doubt about its popularity. But what differentiates the great shows from the average ones is the right judgment to call it a day at the peak of its popularity.


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