Cat Owner’s Guide to Nutrition

Cat Foods

Although dry cat foods are top-rated among cat owners, you can consider the second choice for cat food. Dehydrated foods have a higher carbohydrate count than you consider optimal, like pet valu cat food. In addition, the protein option in dry food tends to be higher in plant and not animal-based protein.

High starches and plant protein levels can lead to weight gain and digestive issues, particularly in older and more inactive cats. However, dry pet food is convenient and the best option for many busy households. A few premium food brands have developed specialty, treatment formula dry cat foods, certain health conditions, and as part of a diet containing canned cat food.

Compliments are a cat’s evolutionary profile and physiological needs. Wet pet cat foods can have a nutrient profile that imitators the diet cats would choose in the wild. The protein in canned food is usually animal-based, which means that it has a nutritional profile. Canned cat food also generally has a low carbohydrate count and a high water content.

Senior Cat Food

Beginning about seven years of age, cats begin transitioning from adulthood to the mature stages of life. This transition reasons health and lifestyle changes with a cat’s weight, joints, teeth, skin, and internal organs.

If your pet cat is doing well on his current diet, there is no need to change to a different formula. Some brands make a senior cat food specially formulated to deliver more easily digest than traditional adult cat foods. Senior pet cats are more likely to develop health problems related to intestinal and kidney disease. There are diets formulated to benefit pet cats with these issues, which may help slow the progression of these diseases.

The veterinarian can help you select the best cat food for your senior cat by having pre-existing medical conditions, health status, and overall lifestyle (indoor, outdoor, sitting, active, etc.) into account. Before selecting or changing your pet valu cat food, you must visit the veterinarian. They can guide you according to their health concerns.

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