Catch Up With the Latest Dining Room Furniture Sets

dining room furniture

Though your dining room at home was casual and functional before, is it the same now? No way! After the pandemic, we found time to cook every day, and we found time to enjoy meals at home together with our family. Since then, the humble dining room has been your favorite restaurant, office, and homework station. In this article, we will tell you which dining room furniture is currently popular in 2022 and how you can create a cozy dining room ambiance

Leather upholstery

Opulent dining rooms are back in style. Chairs will be upholstered in leather to signal an intentional move back towards celebrations such as hosting friends and family. Dining room chairs with heavy textiles such as cord and velvet will also be a part of this leather trend. The aim of this entire trend is to bring a modern industrial look into your dining room.

Bright colors

The bygone Scandinavian lifestyle is interpreted in a modern way this year. Last year, a neutral color palette dominated the dining interiors.  However, you can expect more colors this year. Most importantly, blue is making a big splash in the world of dining furniture. It’s a versatile color and easy to incorporate into any setting. Some other combinations are light and dark wood combinations, and camel and rust-orange paired with saturated gray-blue. 

White on white

You can simply describe the next living trend as ‘white on white’. White, warm white, pearl white, ivory, eggshell white, and all the other subtle shades in between combine seamlessly to create a calming sanctuary. A white color palette allows the sculptural shape of the vintage dining table to mix with the different styles of furniture.

Modern Nordic furniture

Nordic design, with its craft traditions and natural materials, has caused a fresh sensation in 2022. Nordic furniture adds an exclusive touch that is sophisticated yet luxurious to all your dining furniture. Your dining room furniture has a grand look but is more comfortable and functional.

Dining room sets for rent in 2022

The dining room trends for 2022 are more diverse than ever. A new subtle color palette of earth tones, blue, and lots of white: everyone can choose something they love! As far as the trends are concerned, 2022 will be all about sustainability. If you are focused on moving on with trends, then you can rent dining room furniture. This way you can change your furniture according to popular trends. When you are looking for rental dining room furniture in Singapore, make sure to visit Lian Huat Furniture rental today!

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