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How to take a refund for an app from iTunes and App Store

If you purchased an app by mistake from the iTunes or App Store or the app you’d purchased is not working as you think, then you can report your problem with your reason to the Apple support. Here are some different ways to report for your problem and request for the refund. How to request […]

How to subscribe, listen or watch podcasts on Apple TV Podcasts app

Podcasts app on your Apple TV is an excellent way to watch and listen to your favorite shows and episodes. You can subscribe to your favorite video shows and watch them on your Apple TV. This is also easy to use and synchronize with the Podcasts app of your iPhone or iPad, so you can […]


When you own more, the troubles also increasing. For example if you have a phone, it will break or be stolen, you will depress because someone did not call you and so on. Same if you have a car, parking and repair became the worried problem for you. Although we have these and then we […]

Top 5 Words Per Minute Tests To Improve Your Typing Speed

The given below word-per-minute (wpm) tests analyze and check your present typing speed and provide you with information on what can be applied to improve your keyboard skills. These tests let you know the number of words that you type per minute. In general, the speed tests pay attention to how much time you take […]

How To Multitask On Your iPad To Increase Productivity?

Prefer using the iPad split-screen mode to work on two applications on the iPad at a single time? The iPad got upgraded. Now, it comprises a fantastic capability to do multitasking. This is a feature that is not only present in your regular iPad but also in the iPad Pro models. Most of the people […]

How To Manage Applications On The iPhone Home Screen?

Handling applications on your iPhone’s home screen properly is very significant. It plays a vital role because it lets you keep them not only in order but also enables you to find them quickly at the time of need. The ways of managing applications on the iPhone Home Screen The method of changing the app […]

Few Reasons to Choose SEO Organizations for Your Brand

SEO is regarded as a long-term investment for any business, and SEO plays a crucial role in breaking or making a significant web presence. Moreover, it depends on how a person conducts the strategy. It is essential to carefully research before one chooses a company to handle their share of SEO. The best SEO company […]

How to Adjust Brightness in Windows 10

When you work on your laptop or computer your eyes start to hurt because of the brightness of your system, you may want to change the setting of its brightness. In Windows 10 you can change the brightness by going to its settings page, you can slide its brightness on the right side if you want to […]

How to Block Emails on Your iOS Device

If you block any email on Gmail or iCloud Mail, then after a while, it will move to your trash folder. You can block emails both in the Gmail or iCloud email address. You have to use a desktop website if you like to block emails. Through Gmail •    Go to the Gmail application. […]

Why Should You Get an Amazon Echo for Your Grandparents

Alexa can prove to be one of your best friends. It is an excellent companion for almost everyone. You must have seen your grandparents struggling with many things. Give them an Amazon Echo so that they can cope well with daily situations. It will remind them everything from taking the medication to measuring the blood […]