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خرید گیفت کارت گیفت مکس

گیفت کارت گوگل پلی ،آیتونز، پلی استیشن ، ایکس باکس  ارزان را چگونه تهیه کنیم  گیفت مکس فروشگاه تخصصی خرید گیفت کارت  قانونی کمترین نرخ؟ ‌ همانطور که مطلع هستید در کشور عزیزمان ایران، به دلیل تحریم هایی که از طرف کمپانی گوگل و اپل وجود دارد خرید گیفت کارت گوگل پلی یا گیفت کارت آیتونز برای […]

How to Find BFG 9000 in Rage 2

Avalanche Studios’ famous first-person shooter game has been included with the latest update. The fans of this game are super excited and keen to explore new aspects of it. The most excited one among gamers is new weapons. A series of numerous new weapons and gears have arrived through this new update. Although every weapon that […]

Pei bar can maintain high strength at high temperature

Pei rods have excellent dielectric properties until the temperature reaches 260 degrees. And can resist energy rays, corrosion and other important properties. It is a high-temperature-resistant thermoplastic, with a high glass transition temperature (155 ° C) and melting point (334 ° C). The heat-transformation temperature under load is as high as 335 ° C (30% […]

Application of pei material in turntable bearing seat

Pei turntable bearing housing is a large and extra large bearing housing that can accept comprehensive loads and has a special structure. It has the characteristics of compact structure, sensitive rotation, and convenient device maintenance. Compared with ordinary bearing blocks, machining pei turntable bearing blocks have the following obvious features: 1. Dimensions The diameter is usually […]

Call of Duty Warzone: How the New Features Work

Call of Duty has released a new version in the series under the name Warzone. Here, you can find new features about the game. SOURCE:-Call of Duty Warzone: How the New Features Work Activision has recently released the new version in the long gaming series under the name Call of Duty: Warzone with the developers […]

What is the difference between HDPE and UHMW-PE materials

High Density Polyethylene, referred to as “HDPE” for short, is a highly crystalline, non-polar thermoplastic resin. The appearance of the original HDPE is milky white, and it is translucent to a certain extent in the thin section. PE has excellent resistance to most domestic and industrial chemicals. Certain plastic machining types of chemicals cause chemical […]

Machining Castings

Machining parts for castings require certain finishing on the details. Some casting methods (such as die casting and die casting) are more accurate than other casting methods, but there are always some dimensional tolerances or geometric shapes that cannot be directly cast. It must be machined. Usually foundry (OEM) or other end users will provide […]

ABS Machining

Abs resin is a blend, which is an acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer. The English name is Acrylonitrile-butadine-styrene (ABS for short). As long as the ratio of the three, the combination method, and the size of the particles are changed, a series of varieties with different impact strengths and flow characteristics can be produced. And fluidity will decrease, […]

The cnc machining difference between aluminum and other material

Speaking of cnc machining of aluminum materials, there is still a difference from cnc machining of other material products. Today we will take a look at what are the characteristics of cnc machining of aluminum profiles? First cnc machining center (NC machine tool) is different In order to adapt to the characteristics of slender parts […]

The Types Of Aluminum Machining?

The professional manufacturer of aluminum alloy profiles and LED tube support profiles is an enterprise integrating mold research and development, design, aluminum deep machining and surface treatment. It has a united technical team and a high-capacity and high-demand production team. Dongguan PTJ Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. continuously improves and upgrades its technical strength, strengthens its […]