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A guide for distinctive qualities between PubG and Fortnight

Both PUBG and Fortnite have entered a new arena to fight for the battle royal. Both the games are currently ruling the mobile gaming world and are now fighting for a bigger piece of the mobile gaming pie. Both games are immensely popular and are clear pioneers of the genre but despite their much similarity, […]

Testimony”HOW I GOT MY EX BF BACK..WhatsApp +27820502562

MY REVIEWS ABOUT DR NKOSI +27820502562 WEBSITE THE BEST ONLINE SPELL CASTER. Hello every one my name is Diana, I want to use this golden medium to appreciate Dr Nkosi a great spell caster for helping me retrieved back my relationship with my ex lover after another girl use a black magic to take […]

How to View All the Quotes for a Tweet

Twitter allows you to retweet the tweets of other people. You can customize the Quotes as per your wish and start adding it to the debate. In this article, you will get to know how to view all the Quotes for a Tweet. Steps to Find All User Quoted Tweets •    Go to the internet […]

How to Set Up Google Pixel Buds with iPhone

In case you are using the iPhone and want to connect to it with the Google Pixel Buds, you need to take the manual route. The Fast Pair feature is compatible with the Android device. In this article, you will get to know the steps to set up Google Pixel Buds with iPhone. Here’s How […]

How to Install Epson Printer on Your Chromebook

Rather than saving the data in the Chromebook, you can save the data in the cloud. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot print that file or document. If you want to install Epson Printer on your Chromebook to print the selected item, then follow the instructions mentioned below. Here’s How to Install Epson Printer […]

How to Enable Closed Captioning on DirecTV Now

AT&T and many similar companies have their inbuilt TV streaming services. One of the services known as DirectTV Now and DirecTV has many different customization options. If you want to enable closed captioning on DirecTV Now, then go through the steps mentioned below. Steps to turn on or off the closed captioning on DirectTV Now […]

How to Connect to Wi-Fi without Password

It is not good to use someone else’s Wi-Fi network without their permission. Ensure that you have taken permission from the Wi-Fi network owner before you use their network. If you want to know how you can connect to a Wi-Fi network without password, then follow the instructions mentioned below. You can use WPS, Router […]

How to Pair Apple Watch to Your iPhone XR

If you want to pair Apple Watch to your iPhone XR, then you have to install the Apple Watch application on the iPhone. Otherwise, you can connect both the devices automatically. But, the XR is the latest version of the iPhone, and it might be possible that you face an error while connecting it. In this […]

How to Claim the Nintendo Switch Fortnite Skin

In case you have brought the Switch bundle, then you can redeem the Fortnite skin on any other platform. You will get the guidelines on how to claim the Nintendo Switch Fornite skin in this article. This procedure is a little bit different for each computer. Steps to Redeem Codes for Fortnite Go to the Epic […]

How to Fix Blue Screen BSOD Caused by dxgmms1.sys

Many users are raising questions after getting the ‘Blue screen BSOD caused by dxgmms1.sys error on their Windows PC. This error does not occur in any particular Windows version. You can face this issue on the Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows 10 PC. To fix this issue, you need to follow the steps mentioned […]