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Best App Lockers in iPhone to Secure Apps

In some cases, fundamental security options such as adding a passcode or enabling Touch ID is not only adequate for your iPhone. Fortunately, there is little chance of security flaws in Apple as its software is up-to-date. Apple creates some built-in security and privacy protection into its devices. Rather than waiting for hackers and attackers […]

Best Apps for Enjoying the Great Outdoors

If you are planning for spending some time on vacations or visiting tour, then don’t miss your companion to be with you, i.e. your smartphone. Since this companion can assist you to guide the journey in a handy way. There are many applications which can genuinely augment your experience with the outdoor activities and help […]

Best Apps for GPS Tracking in Android & iPhone

In the background of the fourth industrial revolution, numerous emerging technology came into picture which brought wonders. GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking application is one of them which became the unimaginable thing in its starting days. Now, vehicles are also equipped with the GPS navigators. By using the GPS location tracking applications, you can know […]

Top 10 Web-Based Chatting Messengers

If you can’t operate instant messaging applications, then you can use web-based messengers. Unlike the IM apps, web-based chatting messengers need just your display name in your web browser. It was the time when a handful number of messenger apps were available. But now there are a plethora of applications for chatting and messaging. You […]

Tips and Tricks to Turn Off the Outlook Message Preview

Microsoft Outlook provides a nice preview window which helps a user in many ways like easy access to their send and receives emails. Still, sometimes a user may not want a preview default settings and may desire to remove or turn off the message preview. You can utilise the View menu option to turn off […]

How to be good at social media engagement?

Social media marketing is a major aspect of online marketing. This is a great way to help your business or profile grow. Many things about it are good. However, recent studies and opinions from experts show that it is about social media engagement compared to sharing a lot of content. Why is it so important […]

Guide to Switch off the Twitter App Graph on Android and iOS

Twitter is an online news and social networking website; it helps the user to post and interact with messages known as “tweets”. Previously tweets were of only 140 characters, but lately due to increased demand, it has come to double, except in few languages.  Since its launching as a social media platform, it has gained […]

Guide to Publish Your eBooks

Our human civilization has been stored in books. It has the deep detail of human’s evolution. It gives us accurate information and ideas of those times in which it was written.  Written proof is more authentic and firm than a verbal proof because the other proof keeps on changing with the next generation. Our first […]

Google Assistant Will Soon be Coming to Sonos

Two years ago, much of the delight of people, Sonos made an announcement that it will soon be providing voice assistant technology in its products. It promised Google Assistant integration with Sonos speakers. While the Amazon Alexa integration was rolled out, customers were still excitedly waiting for the Google Assistant integration. Sonos and Google have […]

Top 3 Tips for Securing your Chromebook

Chromebooks are equipped with several layers of protection. This layered protection works amazingly well to keep all the information and data stored in the device securely. In the coming time, Chromebooks will get added protection with the addition of USBGuard. This will restrict access to the USB portal when the Chromebook’s screen is not unlocked. […]