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Bill and Ted Face the Music: The Duo Is Back After 25 Years!

Since the release of the 1991’s Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, fans have been craving for more of William “Bill” S. Preston andTed “Theodore” Logan III’s time traveling and death-defying adventure chronicles. Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves played the hard-rocking duo. It has been 25 years since and the fans’ request is finally answered with the […]

Bat woman’s New Leading Lady Revealed!

After the highly-discussed exit of Ruby Rose from Batwoman, the makers have narrowed down on Javicia Leslie as the new lead. The actress was cast in the Arrowverse as Batwoman/Kate Kane for the Elseworlds crossover in 2018. The audience was all praises for her splendid on-screen chemistry with Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl character, making Rose an […]

Top 5 Laptops of 2020 That Will Give You the Best Best Battery Life

Until a while ago, laptops have always had poor battery lives; however, with the advancements in technology we’ve seen better and more durable batteries. Next to most efficient displays, processors and batteries come with more capacity. This means that it’s not very hard to get a laptop with more battery life. Microsoft Surface 2   […]

RHA True Connect 2 : Impressive True Wireless Earbuds with Longer Battery Life

Amidst all the latest wireless products, RHA TrueConnect 2 is drawing some real attention. No, they haven’t made some amusing changes with the design. The company has used the old-school yet the valuable approach of working on quality more than the visual appearance. More often than not, when companies revamp their products and services and […]

Did You Know These Behind-The-Camera Secrets About The Dark Knight?

Every excellent story has many tiny tales in the background. The Dark Knight is no exception. The Dark Knight, a 2008 film, is a superhit for multiple reasons. The film gave birth to an iconic villain that will give goosebumps to people for centuries. No wonder it is the best superhero movie that is loved […]

Here Is What You Can Expect from MCU’S Black Widow Origin Story

There have been a lot of rumors regarding Marvel’s upcoming movie, “Black Widow.” In the new movie, Black Widow is going to be seen handing the baton to a new character, Yelena Belova, played by Florence Pugh. Director Cate Shortland, in an interview with the Empire magazine, had hinted that Scarlett Johansson’s time playing the […]

Bird of Prey’s Brutal Harley Quinn Fight Sequence

Birds of Prey is an American superhero film based on DC comics. It released this year as the eighth installment of the DC Extended Universe and the follow-up of the Suicide Squad movie. This movie focuses on Harley Quinn rather than Joker as she joins forces with Helena Bertinelli, Dinah Lance, and Renee Montoya to […]

Step up Your Game With These Best Gaming Keyboards of 2020

When shopping for a keyboard, it can be easy to get confused by all the available options available on the market right now. Generally speaking, a mechanical keyboard is better for gaming but not for everyone. A keyboard for gaming may have more to offer than just exceptionally well-made keys or adding features like macro […]

Best Websites to Get Budget-Friendly Headphones for Runners

A lot of fitness lovers function on good music to keep them pumped up for their workout sessions. But wearing earphones or headphones that have wires can restrict your movements and will interfere in your work out. But now a lot of wireless headphones are available that provide excellent performance and are available at a […]

Best Google Chrome Plugins for Digital Marketers

Google Chrome extensions or plugins are the small software which makes our work easy and productive. There are various Google Chrome extensions available these days, let us discuss a few major plugins here which lets the whole web browsing experience better. Grammarly Grammarly is a popular writing spell check tool that helps you with several […]