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Google Assures Better Network Security and Connections on Project Fi

Google has assured a new and better network security with fast connections on its Project Fi MVNO. The MVNO, an abbreviation for Mobile Virtual Network Operator, will be offering the services like calling, messaging and switching between data services, such as Wi-Fi and Cellular Networks of U.S Cellular, T-Mobile and Sprint, will be a lot […]

5 Tips for Better Internet & Network Security – Dial: 8443130904

Network security means protecting the network which connects various devices to each other in a business or home. It involves multiple policies and techniques for preventing and keeping an eye on illegitimate access, abuse, or alteration of a network. The various threats to internet network security include Trojans, malware, backdoors, payloads, etc. Wire-IT Solutions offers […]

How to Use Find My Mac App

Find My iPhone feature as an app for iOS and an online service for Mac is fantastic because it can help you find the lost Apple products. With the help of the Find My iPhone, you can find your lost Mac system as well. Unfortunately, the feature is not enabled by default, so you need […]

How to Generate a System Restore Point in Windows 10

Windows 10 has various recovery features to fix the problems and issues which are coming across the usage of the system running on this operating system. System Restore Point is of these features which are allowing the users to keep the backups of the time when everything worked properly. Whenever a bug’s creating the issue […]

How to Open, View and Dismiss Notifications on iOS 11

Notification Center is a feature of iOS and macOS that gives the summary of alerts from apps. The notifications are shown until an action is taken. Apple has changed the way you dismiss the notifications in iOS 11. You are not allowed to deny all the announcements at once anymore. No one is pleased that […]

How to Solve Pictures Not Sending Error in iPhone

MMS Service in iPhone works majorly for sending and receiving any media file through messaging. The device with a disabled MMS service will fail to receive or send any media files like pictures. It is advised to check if the MMS service is enabled. If the service is disabled, then try enabling it through the […]

How to Manage Startup Programs on MacOS

A number of programs pop-up on the screen when you switch on your Mac system. The startup programs look scattered on the screen and don’t seem to please you. How will you get rid of these startup programs your MacOS? Well, there are some methods that can help you to remove or manage the startup […]

Forget your McAfee Account Password? Here is how you can recover it!

There is no gainsaying a McAfee account holds as much importance as your email account. It helps in managing all your McAfee anti-viruses subscriptions, to check their renewal or expiration date, to modify your personal or payment details, to check the McAfee product key, and to download McAfeeactivate via, respectively. At times, you may see a technical […]

Role of Internet & Network Security in Home and Business – Dial: 8443130904

Technology has evolved by leaps and bounds and it no longer surprising when systems get compromised, and the users have no idea how it happened. When we talk about homes, network security is limited to inserting a robust antivirus program and firewall. When it comes to businesses, more internet and network security  measures need to be […]

Google Makes it Easier to Delete Data

Privacy has always been a matter of concern. Google is one of those companies that have many data users. Google has made plenty of tools available to help users control their data. After some robust scrutinizing, Google is adding new controls of privacy for making it easier to delete search history some other content. It […]