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Best Apps for Enjoying the Great Outdoors

If you are planning for spending some time on vacations or visiting tour, then don’t miss your companion to be with you, i.e. your smartphone. Since this companion can assist you to guide the journey in a handy way. There are many applications which can genuinely augment your experience with the outdoor activities and help […]

Best Apps for GPS Tracking in Android & iPhone

In the background of the fourth industrial revolution, numerous emerging technology came into picture which brought wonders. GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking application is one of them which became the unimaginable thing in its starting days. Now, vehicles are also equipped with the GPS navigators. By using the GPS location tracking applications, you can know […]

Best iPhone Apps for Voice-to-Text Transcription

In the IT way of life, people try to be smart. In the same direction, you would not like to write an essay or business/ commercial proposal as it will take much time. But in the smart way of living, you would attempt to write it by using the smart method. This smart way includes […]

How to uses Graphic and Animation for Outlook Signature

Microsoft Outlook email signature is mostly all text with a variety of colours and fonts, but by adding an image, it can become a presentable document to share. Outlook mostly is used for office purposes and requires informative content which can describe your designations and about the company. If you add a logo of your […]

How to turn on/off LG G Smartwatch?

The latest LG G watch is programmed to stay active at all times whether it be on your wrist or while you plug it for charging. LG G watch can help you in various daily tasks that you require to accomplish on a daily bases. You can use your LG G smartwatch for a variety […]

Looking up your Accounts and Passwords on an iPhone or iPad!

Everyone knows that password security plays a vital role in our life. And that both iPhone and iPad can save the passwords for you. That implies you can watch them at a moment’s notice, which is highly convenient. But to know about the method of checking up on the password iOS has saved, you need […]

Leading Websites For Searching Song Lyrics

Many of the times it has been observed that people throughout the whole day in their free time keep murmuring the songs that they like the most. For instance,  while walking or having a bath. But the most embarrassing part is that when they sing parts of lyrics wrong in front of others. To avoid […]

Guide to Publish Your eBooks

Our human civilization has been stored in books. It has the deep detail of human’s evolution. It gives us accurate information and ideas of those times in which it was written.  Written proof is more authentic and firm than a verbal proof because the other proof keeps on changing with the next generation. Our first […]

Google Assistant Will Soon be Coming to Sonos

Two years ago, much of the delight of people, Sonos made an announcement that it will soon be providing voice assistant technology in its products. It promised Google Assistant integration with Sonos speakers. While the Amazon Alexa integration was rolled out, customers were still excitedly waiting for the Google Assistant integration. Sonos and Google have […]

Fix: ‘Cannot Reset Apple ID Security Questions’ Problem

While working with the Apple device, you might encounter an error message which says; ‘Cannot Reset Apple ID Security Questions’. This message indicates that you didn’t enter the details which you provided earlier, it will ask you for the security question to verify who you are. These types of message signify that you could be an imminent imposter and […]