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What to do if Windows 7 does not Detect Installed Antivirus Software

Antivirus security program is a necessity for every user’s devices. As we know, any threats and viruses are increasing day by day on the globe. If you have installed any antivirus software on your Windows 7, but in case the Windows Security Center or Action Center does not detect the antivirus as being connected. You […]

Evan Rachel Wood Explains The Horrible Twist in Westworld

If you have not yet watched the episode five of Westworld, Akane No Mai, kindly be wary of spoilers ahead. In the latest episode of HBO’s Westworld, Dolores Abernathy, played by Rachel Wood, made a decision which left the fans shocked, mystified, and intrigued. “To grow, we all need to suffer.” This is the byline […]

By Using your iPhones, Camera and Machine Learning, PA Software High-Quality Baseball Analytics

Matthew Bowen is the creator, and founder of PA Software, and a Baseball video analytics software, a startup which will bring the power and accurateness of multi-million dollars. Matthew Bowen gets this idea, during his college year at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, for developing phone-driven baseball analysis software for the betterment of the country. He was […]

Latest Cryptojacking Malware Can Destroy Your Computer

Many people across the world have made a substantial amount of money over the past few years by investing in cryptocurrencies. When Bitcoin was first launched in the year 2010, it could be purchased for only. By the end of 2017, its price had risen to more than $19,000 per bitcoin. Since everything these days […]

Try Try But Don’t Cry- The Bathroom Man’s Story

Seconds after he accidentally turned the faucet handle in the wrong direction, Dennis Rowley, from Harrodsburg, KY, confirmed on Thursday that at times in this life, stuff has to get worse before it can get better. The shaking 27 years old local, who allegedly jerked back and screamed, “Oh God! Cold, cold, cold!” when the […]

Internet of Evil Things Survey Reports a Rise in Cyber Attacks

As per the 2018 Internet of the Evil Things survey report, conducted by Pwnie Express, the acts of cyber attacks and data breaches are on an alarming rise. This survey polled over 500 security professionals in its fourth successive year. The study found the collective answers of the surveyed people to be the scariest survey […]

How to Allow High-Performance GPU for Microsoft Edge Browser

We all are using web browsers to complete our day to day computing and digital requirements. However, it might appear simple, but actually, it is a very complex process and also executes a lot of substances below the lid or hood. One of such chore is making the content on your device screen. Rendering the […]

Know How Microsoft Office can Boost the Economy?

As we know Microsoft is one of the most popular and used program on the globe and it provides many type of applications to complete all sorts of tasks easily. Most of the people are using it because of its affordable and remarkable service in the market. In this article, you will read about the […]

How to Troubleshoot with the Norton Identity Safe Login Issues?

Norton Identity Safe is a password manager tool which is designed and developed by the Symantec Corporation. It is absolutely a cloud-based software program. You can easily access your personal information with the help of Norton Password Manager Tool. The credentials which you can access include, your login credentials, passwords, address, bank card details, etc. […]

How to fix locked McAfee Mobile Security Account?

Smartphones are almost taking the world at spin with information center and entertainment device. The smartphone companies in every alternate days are launching new models and along with the new up-gradation. But with every advantage, there comes some disadvantages too. Smartphones especially Android phones are highly vulnerable. For that you need a reliable security protection […]