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How to set up auto login in your Windows 10 PC

Are you irritated by entering the login password to unlock screen repeatedly? Want to get rid of this? Then the auto-login feature will help you; it is provided for your  convenience. Log in screen is a security feature of Microsoft Windows that prevents your system from unauthorized access. So, setting up auto login may be […]

How to record your Mac’s screen without using QuickTime

With macOS Mojave, users also get a new feature for capturing and recording the screen of their Mac. This new tool simplified the process of recording the video of your screen. So, without using the QuickTime player, you can record video of your Mac’s screen as well as take screenshot easily. Here is how to […]

How to Download Videos from Periscope

In 2015, Twitter bought the live video streaming app called Periscope. The Periscope app is a fantastic alternative whether for broadcasting events or sharing something personal. The Periscope services can be accessed either from the application or from Twitter. Periscope app users will be able to select if they wish to share their videos with […]

Buying Suitable Stock Cabinets: 4 Factors to Consider

Cabinets form the backbone of the kitchen as they help in the storage of various food items, kitchen appliances, dishes, and silverware. Selecting suitable kitchen cabinets is of paramount importance as they make the kitchen look well organized and elegant. Whether you choose custom cabinets, stock-cabinets or semi-stock cabinets, you should weigh all the pros […]

Nintendo Switch New Console Release To Be Further Delayed!

It’s been about two years since the launch of Nintendo Switch, and every gaming enthusiast quite expects that after the 2017 Switch device a new model for it would be coming soon. Many gaming experts have been keen as to what improvements can a new model of Nintendo Switch offer and how is the Nintendo […]

How to Record Anything with Voice Memos on iOS

iOS devices come with inbuilt Voice Memos app. Be it recording a part of a lecture to make sure you don’t forget what’s being taught or to record your dog’s snores, Voice Memos app is the best tool. This free app is easy to use. If you want to know about the process of using […]

5 of the Best Parenting Apps in 2019

Parenting involves rearing a child in a way that his physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development meets the soundest standards. It involves raising a child with an emotional attachment rather than only taking the biological relationship as the pivot. But as much as there are hassles in child upbringing, there are solutions available in the […]

How to Download Books from Google Play Books

You can access and download ebooks from Google Play Books library on an Android, iOS, and PC. Use the Google Play Books app on your mobile device and Google Play Books website on a computer to download and read your books. With the app, you can read your books and magazines even without internet or […]

How to disable or hide the Notification bar in Android

If you’re giving your Android device to someone such as employees or want to employ it as a kiosk in a Store, then using it with no lockdown might be good. In some Android phone or tablets, you can disable the notification bar via System UI Tuner and in some by using a third-party application. […]

How to stop apps from accessing data of iPhone or iPad

With the Parental Controls, you can block an app from accessing your information like contacts, photos, calendars, location, microphone, Bluetooth sharing, Facebook or Twitter accounts, and advertising settings. To stop app access, first you need to turn on the restrictions. How to turn on restrictions on your iPhone or iPad 1.    Go to ‘Screen Time’ […]