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Cyber Range Security Training

In today’s world, it’s essential to have cyber security skills. And, while many cyber security training methods can be effective, none will be more realistic and lifelike than using a cyber range. What is a cyber range? The best way to think of a cyber range is to relate it to a military training operation. […]

Understanding OT Security

Operational Technology (OT) is hardware that can catch any change in the system by directly monitoring the physical devices and process in the business. OT is common within Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and its infrastructure, being used for power control stations and public transport. OT ICS involves different types of instrumentation such as modular panel-mounted […]

Latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Loot Boxes Weren’t Planned

The most popular franchise Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s design director, David Vonderhaar, has defended a gaming interview where he said that Blackout characters would be only be locked behind the missions. The interview resurfaced after the latest update of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Operation Grand Heist, snuck multiple loot boxes into the game […]


Everyone’s favorite PUBG and free to play MMO Tera do not seem like quite a logical pairing, but here we are, telling you that a trailer full of cute critters and elfy-types doing their best and the most attractive PUBG cosplay, complete with functioning AK-47s. Crates, planes and goodies will appear in the fantasy world for a […]

Seeking Best Appliance Repair Services? Get Answers To 3 Questions First

In the modern scenario, significance of home appliances is not hidden from anyone. Surviving without them, especially the major ones become really difficult. No matter how particular one remains while adding new white goods at home, sooner or later everyone seeks services of appliance repair San Jose. It seems not a big deal to find […]

How to Adjust and Boost Bass on Windows and Mac

Want to adjust the bass of your computer? In some computers sound settings are inbuilt on which you can raise or drop the bass amount directly through the settings. But most of the Windows and Mac computers don’t have it so to customize and adjust the bass on that computer, you’ll have to use a […]

What To Do If Outlook Doesn’t Get Started?

The presence of Outlook makes work life more manageable. Outlook handles data properly. Most of the people use it as a mail app. But it can even be used to handle our contact details and calendar. Sometimes, people are not able to open it. The correct method to solve this issue will be to update […]

Patch Updates of League of Legends bring 12 Champions, Effects And Animations

Several League of Legends champions will be flaunting their stuff around the Rift of a summoner with some new animations and effects included in the release of the latest Patch 9.4. Riot Games has been periodically updating some of League of Legends older champions animations and effects throughout the last few months and continued to do so […]

Escort services in Gurgaon to uplift your mood

What is a life without some company of beautiful girls? Don’t you want a happy life with all sexual desires are fulfilled? Hopefully, yes. If yes then you are just a call away from getting the best Escort services in Gurgaon for the benefit of your body and soul. Your life must have some demands […]

Escort services in Dwarka to match your ideal escort

Resource via – if your life lacks the company of hot, sexy girls then you need to think about it so that you can pour some colours to it. Your life can’t be a painting without colour. Escort services in Dwarka can fill the colours in your life. Those missing colours can take you […]