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Microsoft OneNote: A Complete Beginners Guide

OneNote is a useful tool in managing projects and framing ideas. This enables students to use OneNote for studying purposes; still, this program has diverse uses like quickly accomplishing routine projects. Many consider OneNote as tangible notebook which enables an individual to keep a note of anything they wish. In addition, the user can also […]

Why You Should Always Hire an SEO Expert for Your Content Marketing Campaign

In today’s digital marketing trend getting at the top of the Google search results is the aim of every business owner or organizations. But reaching the top spot on the Google search results is getting more difficult because Google continually changes the way it ranks the content. Performing the SEO work by yourself can significantly […]

How to Record Your Voice on Windows PC

Microsoft includes Sound Recorder program for free on all its Windows platform. Sound Recorder program enables an individual to edit, record, and preview their recorded voice. Moreover, a user can also include additional music, comments, phrases in a video, or recorded voice file. To record your voice using Sound Record on your Windows PC, go […]

How to Keep the Apple AirPods Case Clean

Apple AirPods case houses the wireless headphones and helps in protecting them from damage. The case also assists in charging the headphones as it enables cordless charging. Although it is not mandatory to clean the Apple Airpod Case, still if you wish to keep your cordless headphones neat and hygienic, then it is most suited […]

How to Use Assistive Touch on Your iPhone and iPad

Assistive Touch is a virtual Home button which permits you to control the iDevice and also helps you to create gestures such as 3D Touch, pinch, multi-finger swipe, and many others. You can customize gestures and top level menu with the Assistive Touch feature. In this article, you will get to know how to use […]

How to Turn Off Windows 10 Notification Sounds

Many users have been raising some of the questions after getting irritated by the notifications sound by their Windows 10. Here are the steps mentioned below to turn off Windows 10 notification sounds. Steps to Turn Off Windows 10 Notifications Sounds Through Settings Application •    Click on the Windows and R keys together to launch […]

How to Enable Screen Sharing on Discord

Discord is a great tool for online communication, which permits its users to have a conversation through voice, text, and video. A number of gamers, mainly those who play PVM and PVP games, communicate with their teams using Discord. You can become a member of the different types of communities which have the same interest […]

How to Use Voice Control on Your Mac

While it is correct that Siri controls all the basic functions on the Mac, like changing the volume or adjusting the screen brightness, but the fact is that you do not need Siri for performing these methods. You can use your own voice so that you have a control on the Mac. In this article, […]

How to View Apple TV on Your Mac

Apple TV is a handy device to stream shows or movies from the iOS device to the TV display. It also lets you stream all the content which you want to play on the TV screen such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. In case you want to view Apple TV channels on your Mac or […]

How to Change Channels List on Pluto TV

Pluto TV is the best way to watch traditional television for free. You have limited options because you cannot play any content whenever you wish. There will be no solution instead of changing the Pluto TV channels list. This article will explain to you the steps to change channels list on Pluto TV. Here’s how […]