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Steps for Using Gradebook on MS Excel

Microsoft Excel has multiple square columns in it which make your work to keep more systematic. Various alphabets are given in each line and highlighting with a blue colour with number series on the left side of the excel sheet. This gradebook helps when you have to make assignments in your school and preparing reports […]

Fortnite: The 14 days Challenge event series available for an additional week

With the past Holiday season players were thrilled to participate in 14 days of Fortnite challenge series. This new festive theme mode was introduced by Epic Games to introduce the winter environment and feel of holidays in the game. With the winter update, players of Fortnite were much excited to indulge in a new daily […]

How to accomplish Fortnite season 7 week 5 Dancing on tower event

Fortnite’s latest season 7 week five challenges are out, and fans of Fortnite are excited and pumped to accomplish the recently introduced challenge series. One of the easiest means to gather Battle stars and accessories in Fortnite is by completing various events introduced by Epic Games on regular bases. In addition to these events, the […]

How to Troubleshoot AutoFill not Working on Edge?

Many web browsers including the Microsoft Edge lets users to easily save their passwords and other sign-in credentials information usually for the sites you visited regularly. This feature called AutoFill, AutoComplete, or AutoSave. This feature helps users by easily fill the often used information or log-in credentials by just assembling it and auto-filling directly in […]


Modem Error 633 signifies that ‘the modem is already in use or not configured properly’. It is a problem related to the Internet connection which has been encountered by multiples of the Windows 10 users after the installation of the Windows Creators Update. However, this error 633 is not encountered in one particular device; it […]

IPL 2019 to take place in India from March 23

Indian Premier League 2019 which will be the twelfth edition of the IPL will now be held in India from March 23. Earlier, as per the reports, it is said that the Twenty20 cricket league may be held outside India in South Africa or the United Arab Emirates due to the general elections in India. […]

Samsung Prepares to Roll Out Sound on Display OLED Panels

According to the latest insight, it is speculated that Samsung may introduce sound on display for their new OLED panels at the upcoming CES 2k19. Samsung is all set to introduce sound on display for OLED panels at the world’s biggest technology show. The South Korean based tech giant is expected to reveal their latest […]

Know the right time zone to post and increase your Instagram engagement

Putting tons of efforts for creating a perfect Instagram image with relevant captions and posting it at the wrong time may result in less engagement than expected. Post timings play an important role as it helps in making your efforts of increasing followers and more engagement fruitful. There are different time zones to focus on […]

How to Troubleshoot Fatal Error Code C0000022 on Windows 10?

Whenever you update your Windows operating system, there is a higher chance to meet with a fatal error code C0000022. Usually, this error appeared on the screen during the time users upgrade approx their one-third procedure. As a result, users cannot get their Windows updated. However, in the middle of 2017, the Fatal Error Code […]

India’s One Day International Schedule before the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

ICC Cricket World Cup is just five months away from now. The World Cup 2019 which is held in every four years is a top international championship of One Day International cricket. The schedule for the World Cup 2019 is already out and it will begin from 30 May 2019. Before the World Cup 2019, […]