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Web Analytics: You Miss, You Lose Money

In the age of e-commerce and online business, many people buy things on the internet. But from an entrepreneur’s perspective if you do not have an online presence for your business you are missing out. If you do have an online presence but do not use web analytics, then your business may suffer great financial […]

5 Best Apps For Learning French In 2019

Learning the French language is as fancy and interesting as it seems. French is a classic language but is not as difficult to learn as long as you have your smartphone. Yes, you heard me right. Learning French is no longer a chaotic and daunting task. I have shortlisted some of the best apps that […]

5 Best Android Puzzle Games In 2019

Puzzle games are popular and trending. Besides this, it is believed that puzzle games are quite an effective exercise for an individual’s mental health. In today’s busy world, we barely get enough time to do some brain exercise. Puzzle games on your smartphone give you an edge over doing some brain workout in the most […]

Microsoft Office Whiteboard app launches new colors of pen, background & more

Microsoft Office setup has come with its most recent updates in Whiteboard app. Since the user engagement on Whiteboard has increased, Microsoft team decided to make it even better and therefore, introduced 10 vibrant pen colors, where the thickness of the pen is adjustable, so you can go from thick highlights to think underlines. With […]

How to Assign Names and Remember Birthdays with Google Home

If you have a big family, then the chances of forgetting any member’s birthday are slightly high. While you can note down the birthdays of people on the calendar, you may still miss it. With Google Home speakers, you can not only tell Google Assistant how to identify each family member, but you can also […]

How to Add Subtitles to Netflix Movies or TV Series

Whether you are playing a  TV series or movie in your native language or not, subtitles are a convenient way to understand the content.  By adding subtitles to your TV series or movies, you can’t miss an essential part of the dialogue. It is a great idea to add subtitles to your movie or TV […]

6 Best Instagram Marketing Tools for Customizing Online Promotions

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 800 million monthly active users. Considering how popular it is, it has become a great platform for marketing products and online promotions. Every business, big or small, uses Instagram marketing tools for leveraging Instagram in the most effective manner. With […]

Top 5 Best Free Broken Link Checker Tools of 2019

Broken links are those links that show a 404 error when opened. These links are not broken by birth, but they become when a website owner deletes a page from the website. When these links are opened, they leave us with an error message, which means that the page no longer exists. Removing broken links […]

How to Setup and Use OneDrive on iOS?

OneDrive is a great utility for syncing and sharing your data online. It will allow you to access your photos, videos, recent files and organize your files on iOS, but do you know how to use OneDrive in iOS? Here are the instructions to solve your problem. Login to OneDrive Here is the process of […]

How to Install iPhone Apps Without Wi-Fi?

Do you have an iPhone and want to download some applications from the App Store? But you can’t access your Wi-Fi connection? Don’t worry about it. Here are some steps to download iPhone applications without Wi-Fi. Download on iPhone Here is the process of downloading apps on the iPhone. Follow the instructions carefully. •    First, […]