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Facebook F8: Biggest announcements from the Events

Facebook wants to show everyone about privacy now, using the conference to elegant on what the business is advertising as its one of the privacy-focused future. But Facebook had sufficiently to say about its present, announcing new features for Messenger, Facebook, Instagram and Portal that will start rolling out at April 30 and continue throughout […]

How to the Access the Advanced Features Menu in PlayStation Classic

There is a hidden menu in the PlayStation Classic from where you can access some advanced features, including an option for changing regions. You can also customize the visual effects from that hidden menu. When you hear about it, you also want to access this menu in your PlayStation Classic. However, accessing the hidden menu […]

How to Enable or Disable Captions, and Alternate Audio on Netflix

Want to you watch your favorite show or movie on Netflix in your preferred language? Then, enable captions, subtitles, or alternate audio of that TV show or movie. Netflix allows the users to turn on subtitles or alternate audio for many videos. You can use this feature on as well as on the Netflix […]

7 Tips and Tricks for High Scores on Flappy Fighter

Mobile-based fighting games often get mixed reviews, and it is mostly because it is hard to transform the game experience with touch controls. Creating a powerful fighting game for smartphones is not a cakewalk, but Flappy Fighter is an incredibly amazing game. This game is a comic mish-mash of the popular Street Fighter II and […]

6 Stickman Bike Battle Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Do you want to experience the thrill of biking on mountains? Play Stickman Bike Battle and compete with others in bike races. While this game looks simple, it is far from it. Here are some strategies, tips, and tricks that will help you master Stickman Bike Battle. Collect free coins When you visit the shop’s […]

How To Apply & Test Theme In Chromebook

No matter how much costly Chromebook or Pixelbook is, the work process is likely to be the same in all. Though, all of them will not look the same at all. Chrome themes have been there for a long time, and they might not apply to the whole Chrome OS system, but they are ideal […]

How To Extend Battery Life Of Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with various outstanding features, a powerful processor, and an impressive display. Though, the battery drains faster of this device if we compare with other phones. You can, however, control the battery life of this phone if you follow some essential tips given over here. Here are a few of the crucial […]

How to Record WhatsApp call on the device i.e. Android and iPhone?

Recording phone calls is moderately straightforward and that got us thoughtful — how to record the WhatsApp calls on Android and iPhone? We all make many WhatsApp calls throughout the day because these are more consistent than phone calls. Recording phone calls is very important for us. There are two ways to go about recording […]

Landscape Photography Is Everywhere And Has Plenty Of Scope

Landscape photography has the potential to engage the viewers, captivate their attention, and lock their eyes totally into the subject or scene of photography. This is the beauty of landscape photography, which makes landscape scenes a hot favorite for inclusion in calendars, cover photos, travel and tourism photos, blogs, magazines, banners, and posters, etc. In […]

How to Update Timezone in Linux

While setting up Linux in your system, did you select a wrong timezone? Did you move to a new region and want to change the timezone on your Linux device? Here are four simple ways to change timezone in Linux OS. Use the one suitable for your Linux distribution. Way 1: Changing Timezone from the […]