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Best App Lockers in iPhone to Secure Apps

In some cases, fundamental security options such as adding a passcode or enabling Touch ID is not only adequate for your iPhone. Fortunately, there is little chance of security flaws in Apple as its software is up-to-date. Apple creates some built-in security and privacy protection into its devices. Rather than waiting for hackers and attackers […]

Best Apps for Enjoying the Great Outdoors

If you are planning for spending some time on vacations or visiting tour, then don’t miss your companion to be with you, i.e. your smartphone. Since this companion can assist you to guide the journey in a handy way. There are many applications which can genuinely augment your experience with the outdoor activities and help […]

Slightly Mad Studios reveals Latest Mad Box Console Concept Art

Slightly Mad Studios recently created a havoc amongst the gaming community all around the globe as they provide latest concept art for their upcoming Mad Box Console. Ian Bell, CEO at Slightly Mad Studios, gave a mind-blowing New Year surprise for the entire gaming community by posting the latest image of their in-development Mad Box […]

How to be good at social media engagement?

Social media marketing is a major aspect of online marketing. This is a great way to help your business or profile grow. Many things about it are good. However, recent studies and opinions from experts show that it is about social media engagement compared to sharing a lot of content. Why is it so important […]

Guide to Switch off the Twitter App Graph on Android and iOS

Twitter is an online news and social networking website; it helps the user to post and interact with messages known as “tweets”. Previously tweets were of only 140 characters, but lately due to increased demand, it has come to double, except in few languages.  Since its launching as a social media platform, it has gained […]

Guide to Publish Your eBooks

Our human civilization has been stored in books. It has the deep detail of human’s evolution. It gives us accurate information and ideas of those times in which it was written.  Written proof is more authentic and firm than a verbal proof because the other proof keeps on changing with the next generation. Our first […]

More Instagram Followers When You Need Them

Let us deal with it. Even the more real buy Instagram followers and likes you purchase are what’s going to continue to keep your advertising overtake if you’re employing your website for social networking advertising. That’s precisely what I really do to aid my promotion combined. Instagram is actually a huge website for creating prospects […]

Review your 2018 Instagram Colour Palette with the Year of Colour App

Year of Colour is a web-based application created by Stef Lewandowski. Lewandowski, a technologist and designer who lives in the UK, created this application that summarizes the complete colour schemes of the users’ Instagram posts of last year and sums them into a compilation of round concept-based circles. This web-based app makes use of AI […]

Symptoms of Social Media Craze

A majority of people are associated with social media networking sites directly or indirectly, willingly or unwillingly. Especially teenagers use it sternly than other categories. Even salaried success is also largely dependent on online networking by being staying connected with others. The digitalization and internet penetration has made the world closer as a single territory. […]

Shoot Like a Pro With These Tips For Mobile Photography

Nature is very beautiful, and whenever we visit tourist places, we desire to capture the natural scenes on our phone. It is obvious that you can capture the journey through mobile photography with your smartphones. Irrespective of how your picture covers your moments, take adequate time to enjoy the view where your holidays or festive […]