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Using the organize files and Folders in OneDrive on ios Devices

After uploading files and folders to OneDrive, you can move them to different folders, or files to keep it organized. iOS users can organize their pictures, documents, and other data stored in their OneDrive. You can also find the steps to uploading files and folders Via They can do this by moving folders or files […]

How Safe and Secure is Cloud Storage

The oughties have been the decade where customers and enterprises have at last understood how convenient cloud storage is. Files and all the other information can be accessed anytime from anywhere, and one does not have to invest in hardware to store it. However, do you understand the security risks regarding the cloud? Is your […]

How to Fix FaceTime Activation Error on iPhone

FaceTime is a free and popular video chatting app on Apple devices. It is quite similar to Window’s Skype and Google’s Hangouts. The app runs on iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Mac desktops and laptops too. An audio only version of FaceTime, known as FaceTime Audio, is also available for making voice calls in devices that […]

Six Effective Ways to Reduce Cellular Data Usage While Traveling

From surfing the internet to watching movies, to checking social media updates, there are a number of ways to empty the monthly cellular data limit. Unless you are fortunate enough to own an unlimited mobile data plan with free roaming, there is a high probability that you will worry about the cost of data usage. […]

How MS Office helps in remote work via phones?

Are you a remote worker or carry an iPhone/iPad with you? No matter if you are on a trip and forget to carry your laptop along, it is important to cope with the work, though. What would you do in such a case? Providentially, MS Office suite is the one that people, in high degree, […]

How to insert and rotate 3D models in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint?

The recent Microsoft report has brought a good piece of news for Office 2016 for Mac users. The users can now make their documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in a more effective way with the help of adding and rotating 3D models feature. The only requirement to access this feature is that the Office 2016 version […]

Kaspersky takes cybersecurity awareness sessions across educational institutes

Kaspersky lab, a multinational cyber security firm apart from delivering security attributes via software, is recently reported to spread awareness of cyber security across various educational institutes. With its partnership with Active Education, the security software company is bribing cyber security education in the regions of southern Africa by taking sessions of interactive activation. The […]

Improve Digital Experience by Cleaning your Smartphone

Is your smartphone cluttered with applications you barely use? Do you have a hard time trying to locate particular pictures or songs? If you load too many applications on your phone, then it will not only cause your phone to work slowly and crash occasionally, but it is also a safety risk because you are […]


At times when online commerce market is growing meteorically successful, it is crucial for ecommerce start-up businesses to build right features based on trends. This is the reason why you need to adopt most contemporary trends as well as a reliable, robust platform that supports your ecommerce business dream. Being the most versatile and integrated […]

How do I resolve my computer from automatically Restart Issue?

It is frustrating when you are doing any important work on your computer, but suddenly, it turns off without a warning note. It won’t take a moment to restart, and after a while, it shuts off again. Whether you are completing an assignment, office work or watching a movie, shutting down of a system is […]