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If you’ve noticed that your computer’s performance has slowed down, there can be multiple reasons for it. It includes bloatware, temporary files, and less powerful hardware. There are various reasons that make your system slightly slow. Here we will help you to make your Windows 10 PC to run smoother than before. Improving PC Performance […]

How to Fix the Print Spooler error code 0x800706b9 in Windows 10

There are various errors you may encounter while operating your printer. It may be caused due to malware, infected data, or corrupted user’s account. The end result is the same; it prevents you from printing any document. One such error is Print Spooler error flashing the code- 0x800706b9. It is caused due to malware, and […]

How to Convert MBOX to PDF with Attachments – MBOX Migrator

Learn how to export MBOX to PDF along with all inserted attachments. There are large number of users who wants to export there MBOX files to PDF format. One can convert MBOX to PDF with Attachments using best MBOX Migrator toolkit. One can migrate MBOX Files without showing dependency on any particularly email client. Free […]


There are many applications whose data you may want to keep from others’ sight. These can include WhatsApp, Google Photos, Facebook, Skype, banking apps, and so on. What you really need is a method to hide your secret files or data in the apps with just a flick of a finger and restore them just […]

How To Fix “Problem Parsing the Package Error” in Android

The issue of parsing package is a prevalent error, and it usually arises when we want to install a new app on an Android device. This error is commonly seen in multiple ways like “There is a problem parsing the package” or “Parse error.” It’s not a new error issue and it prevents us from […]

How to Fix Mac Showing Incorrect Time and Date

Is your Mac displaying the wrong time or date? Well, this problem is pretty common and easy to fix.  This usually happens when the Mac remains powered off for long time periods and has not been connected to the net for some time.                         […]

How to Organize Your Shortcuts on iPad and iPhones

Managing shortcuts for your favorite apps significantly reduces your efforts. You may create your shortcuts for the desired applications. You have other various options to do so as well. You can drag and drop them into the library from the gallery. It enables you to delete, organize, or even make duplicates of them using the […]

How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones to Your Android Phone

Pairing a Bluetooth device with your phone is a relatively simple affair. Remember that before you start the pairing operation, please confirm the following: Refer to the operating instructions or help guide for model-specific information. Place the source device within 1 meter or 3 feet of the headphones. Make sure the headphones and Bluetooth source […]

How to Fix iPhone or iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode

Today iPhone or iPads are very popular amongst tech enthusiasts. They have  many built-in features that make them different from other devices. But similar to other gadgets, Apple devices also have their own share of problems. One of the common problems is iPhone or iPad stuck in recovery mode. Here are some fixes for the […]

How to Recover the Unsaved Word Files in Windows 10?

RECOVER THE UNSAVED WORD FILES IN WINDOWS 10 Microsoft office is an efficient software package that allows the users to make presentations and documents using some of the most advanced tools. The package is used often by corporate companies and private users to accomplish computing tasks. Sometimes users run into issues related to Microsoft word such […]