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How to Setup Multiple Email Addresses in Gmail

Here is how you can make your another Gmail addresses besides your existing one. You might want a new email address to separate personal mail from business mail, or to use one for a club or hobby. There are no restrictions on how many accounts you can have. To know more about the procedure, follow […]

How to Set Up Your Homekit Accessories on iPhone

HomeKit is a popular smart home system which offers a lot of benefits. If you use Apple devices, then setting up HomeKit will be a breeze. In this blog, we will discuss the process of setting up Apple HomeKit accessories on iPhone Adding an accessory in Home app on your iOS device First of all, […]

How to Find and Unlock Weapons in Death Stranding

Death Stranding is one of the best action games available right now in the virtual market. Sony Interactive Entertainment publishes it, and users can play it on PlayStation 4. But soon, it will be available for gamers to enjoy it using a Windows system as well. Apart from that, the game is all about connecting […]

Need For Speed Heat: Tips and Tricks For Palm City

EA launched another marvellous game in the racing genre “Need For Speed Heat,” available for PlayStation 4, Windows and Xbox One. This game is set in the open world of Palm City and offers lots of exciting features. But there are some players hardly able to use them and win against the opponents. If you […]

How to Fix USB Security Key not working on Windows 10?

USB Security Keys can be used as a safe mean to authorize several components of a PC. You can log in on your system with them or even authorize websites as well. However, there are times when you may face some issues while using them. So, here are the steps to fix USB security not […]

How to Move Facebook Images to Google Photos?

We save a great number of pictures on Facebook but cannot keep them saved for tong term. Google Photos is a great platform to store your pictures longtime. Downloading your stored photos from Facebook may sound like a daunting task; however, it is not as tough as it sounds. So, here are the steps to […]

How to Fix 0x80073DOA Error Code of Windows Store?

Error Code 0x80073DOA can take place in various devices, but it all results in one error, Window Store malfunctioning. A cache wipe might clear the issue generally; however, that may not be the case every time. So, here are the steps to fix the 0x80073DOA error code of the Windows Store. Removing the Windows Store […]

How to Set up Multiple Monitors on Windows 10?

Getting to use multiple screens on your desktop is always a good thing, and Windows facilitate the function as well. So, here are the instructions to set up multiple monitors on Windows 10. Reorganize Multiple Desktops on Windows 10 If you run Windows 10 and want to reorganize multiple desktops on it, then you can […]

How to Clear Internet Cache in Chrome, FireFox, and Opera?

Caches help you out greatly in browsing a familiar website and offer additional benefits as well. However, after an extended period of usage, they may stock up and eat up the necessary storage. So, here are the instructions to clear internet cache in every major browser. Clear Google Chrome Browsing Data If you want to […]

10 Most Common Outlook Errors and Solutions

The outlook is one of the best platforms to manage and exchange emails. It is one of the essential tools in business, and if it prevents you from accessing and managing emails, then it can harm your business dealings as well. In such cases, it is essential to troubleshoot Outlook errors. But you may find […]