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Valid Digital Signatures Carried by Windows Malware

Scientists from Masaryk University in the Czech Republic and Maryland Cybersecurity Center (MCC) checked suspicious associations and recognized four that sold Microsoft Authenticode testaments to unknown purchasers. A similar research group additionally gathered a trove of Windows-focused on malware conveying legitimate advanced marks. Scientists composed, late estimations of the Windows code marking testament biological community […]

How to Fix “Application Stays Minimized in the Taskbar” Issue in Windows 10

At present, most of the people are using Windows 10 operating system to complete their task. Some of them are reporting that they are facing an issue with Windows being automatically minimized to the taskbar. In this condition, you have to try to bring all of them back up again, but the issue may persist. […]

How to Fix “Can’t Change Screen Resolution” Issue in Windows 10?

Most of the times, while updating the Windows or during new installation of a graphics card, you can face some issue while adjusting the Screen resolution on your running Windows 10 computer system. Some of the times, you are not able to get an option to change the screen resolution because of drop-down freezes or […]

How to Share and Send a Live Photo as Animated GIF from an iPhone or iPad?

With your iPhone and iPad, you can quickly send live photos as an animated GIF. The iPhone and iPad has a little capability to change looping or to bounce live images in an animated GIFs. You can send these originally through selecting sharing options. Sharing any live photo is the best because to so this […]

How to Find Apps Draining the Most battery on Windows 10

Windows 10 comprises a new Battery Use screen that lets you know what’s ruining your laptop’s battery. It will accurately show you what apps (in both, desktop and Windows 10) are using too much battery power. This feature Battery Saver is a part of the screen in the new Settings app. As like some of […]

Password vs. PIN in Windows 10 Offers Enhanced Security?

Recently, Windows 10 has introduced Windows Hello which allows the users to sign in to their devices by using the PIN or the biometric identification. It is also an uprising the concept of system security which brings it to a level that no any system which could be hacked remotely. However, the Windows 10 will […]

To Save the Surface Phone: Microsoft Fans are Signing a Petition

It’s been a rapid week for the Andromeda Project by Microsoft; it is also known as the quasi-mythical Surface Phone. A source report indicated that Andromeda was a genuine product approaching an announcement, and another one said that it was likely to be dropped. Now the fans are fighting again and a title of petition […]

Microsoft Launching New Dark Mode Feature

According to the report, Microsoft is now planning to launch a dark mode in its webmail service. Last year, the software giant launched an impermanent dark mode for Halloween, and now Microsoft has been started working on a new dark mode for the from the past few months. The company has started teasing […]

How to Block Bot calls and Spam Calls Permanently?

If you are tired and sick from the Bot calls and spam calls which you get on your landline or mobile phone, then you have an option to register your phone number with the “FTC’s Do Not Call Registry” which doesn’t stop the scammers and disgraceful telemarketers from calling you, you can also take some […]

How to Turn Off Automatic Updates for Windows 10 Store Apps?

Windows 10 has come with any type of update, but it is offering some of the ways for you. It will help to control the way your PC gets system and feature updates. So for your convenience, we are providing a simple process that will tell you how to disable or delay automatic Windows 10 […]