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Find Out How to Remove and Replace the Battery of Surface Pen

The surface pen is an awesome, helpful device, and an accessory for Microsoft’s devices like Surface Studio, Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, and Surface Book, too. The Surface Pen was developed by Microsoft and released on July 18, 2012. It is an Active stylus and Digital pen; it was made for the Surface computing device series […]

Hacker Steals Drone Sensitive Document

Essential or personal documents of military detailing restricted data on tanks and drones have been disclosed for sale purpose on the dark web after they were stolen through exploiting known vulnerabilities. In last month the company declared that recorded Future made contact with a specific attempting to sell a cache of information the included data […]

ICO Plans to Slap A £500K Fine On Facebook

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) plans to levy a hefty fine for the previous data protection regime against Facebook for leaking link to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. On Wednesday, the privacy regulator submitted a new report, in them, they have present the detailing of its wide-ranging inquiry into the use of data analytics for political […]

Release Date of Darksiders 3 Leaked by the Microsoft

Microsoft might have leaked the release date for the upcoming, apocalyptic hack-and-slash game Darksiders 3 slip. The latest entry will continue the story of the biblical Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and also their attempts to expose a plan that directly led to the End Times which arrives sooner than they would expect. However, the Darksiders 3 is […]

How to Get Accurate Heart Rate Recordings from the Apple Watch?

If you are looking for a method to make your Apple watch heart rate recordings more accurate than you are at right place. Optical heart rate monitors like those found on the Apple Watch are the accurate, perfect way to measure the intensity of a workout. You can keep a close eye on your overall […]

New Bill to Replace New Zealand’s Privacy Act

As indicated by Stuff, another bill to nullify and supplant the 1993 Privacy Act of New Zealand is anticipating endorsement. On the off chance that the progressions are acknowledged, the bill would command that open and private segment offices advise influenced people and the Privacy Commissioner when they encounter an information break that represents a […]

How To Solve Media Driver Missing Error?

Microsoft is a popular and remarkable company on the globe. It is providing various apps among the users. But recently, Microsoft has been trying to reduce the dependency of the users on installation media such as-  CD, DVD, USB, etc. A number of users upgraded to Windows 10 directly from a system update. Although, as […]

How to Turn-off Video Autoplay in the App Store and other Apps on iOS 11?

Some users are complaining that some of the apps on their iPhone and iPad are automatically playing videos by default. They are getting irritated with this issue because their battery is draining faster due to unplanned data and bandwidth usage. No doubt, automatically play can also be distracting and troublesome. If you are looking for […]

This Weekend: Destiny 2 is Free to Play on PC

Finally, the weekend is upon us, and if your plan remains open or if you are looking for a game to play, then you have not yet engrossed yourself into the endless gun throw joy so here is an opportunity that refers to the Destiny 2. However, you will be happy to hear that it is […]

SecureSet Academy Acquired Hacked To Scale Up Training

Today, the SecureSet Academy announced that the acquisition of HackEd, one of the providers of hands-on cybersecurity training for the technical professionals, and a deal which will advance the SecureSet’s development of immersive cybersecurity education programs which will be held in the Washington, D.C., metro area. According to the CyberSeek, the metro Washington area has a very highest […]