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How To Apply & Test Theme In Chromebook

No matter how much costly Chromebook or Pixelbook is, the work process is likely to be the same in all. Though, all of them will not look the same at all. Chrome themes have been there for a long time, and they might not apply to the whole Chrome OS system, but they are ideal […]

How To Extend Battery Life Of Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with various outstanding features, a powerful processor, and an impressive display. Though, the battery drains faster of this device if we compare with other phones. You can, however, control the battery life of this phone if you follow some essential tips given over here. Here are a few of the crucial […]

How to Change Your Name on AirDrop

AirDrop allows you to easily send all the files which you have stored on your iPhone, iPod and Mac and other devices. It is a fast and secure way to transfer the pictures, video, contacts, and any other data from one device to another. Here’s how to change your name on AirDrop. Steps for Changing […]

How to Change Your WeChat Notification Sound

You can change your WeChat notification sound so that you get to know who is texting you without picking up your phone to check it. You can also set the WeChat notification sound to the vibrate mode in case you are in a meeting or do not want to be disturbed. Learn how to change […]

Five Steps to Excite Our Escorts in Mumbai

The independent escort girls you book through us feel the identical like as your girlfriend because she casually seems in the front of you with staggering appears, which pulls you. The female talks and behaves with you want a friend there you may quickly get into her closeness and discover your manner of getting into the […]

Fake Fortnite Android Apps Cheating the Individuals via YouTube: McAfee

Despite Epic Games announcing and Fortnite for Smartphones would not be out this year, that hasn’t stopped the virus, malware and opportunistic hackers makers from taking advantage of Android smartphone customers. Examining “Download Fortnite for Android”, “How to install Fortnite on Android” on YouTube or Google throws up a host of videos that claim to show […]

Get Simple Solutions to Resolve Epson Printer Error Code W-02

Epson is the leading brand for manufacturing top-notch printers with advanced printing technology. The company manufactures an array of printer models to deal with the needs of their clients like laser printer, office printer, inkjet printers, All-in-one printers, and many others. However, depending on your needs, one can easily get the best Epson printers at […]

How to Troubleshoot TP-Link Router Error Code 5008?

TP-link is the best router for connecting your device from the internet which is easily available in the market. The TP-link is the Chinese company manufacturing computer networking based products and sell them across the globe. It was first launched in the year 1996 by two Chinese brothers. The company started its first international expansion […]

Is Digital Marketing a good career option?

A lucrative and bright future is what a career in Digital Marketing will give you. Many companies in India and globally are expanding their profit share using Digital Marketing avenues and this has created a huge demand for Digital Marketing experts. In a report by the Bureau of Labour US, Digital Marketing Manager Jobs will […]

Top 5 EPE Liner Manufacturers in India

Many things in the manufacture and bottling process of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and chemicals are often forgotten when it comes to the mainstream. The focus is often on the big things, when in reality, the things that matter most end up being smaller parts. Take for example EPE Liners, tiny little EPE cut outs, placed […]