Causes of Diarrhoea in Children

Diarrhoea or the sudden shift in the motion of children can have several causes. Sometimes it is mild and lasts for about a day or so, whereas sometimes it turns out to be severe and acute. The correct thing to do is to conduct a test and check whether the symptoms are of acute diarrhoea or the mild one which comes and goes away in a day or two. There are also conditions of chronic diarrhoea which occurs in young children and is persistent over a period. For such a condition, where a child is suffering from chronic diarrhoea but is healthy, it might not be a matter of concern as it can naturally cure over time. The most common causes of diarrhea in young children are due to liquid diet, intolerance of certain compounds of food, stress, anxiety or sometimes use of certain laxatives. Therefore, it is best to consult a paediatrician and get hold of children’s diarrhea medicine to treat the symptoms and restore health.

Some of the common symptoms that occur along with diarrhea include frequent and watery stools accompanied by abdominal cramps and pains, fever, dizziness due to dehydration or bleeding. Dehydration, along with diarrhea, is the most common occurrence in children; therefore, look out for conditions such as faster heartbeat, dry lips, sunken eyes, sleepiness and irritability, etc. If you suspect your child is dehydrated, consult a child’s specialist and you can easily get hold of rehydration solutions along with the diarrhea medicine for kids. Thus, mild diarrhea can be easily dealt with by the usage of certain children’s diarrhea medicine. However, acute diarrhea that occurs in children due to certain underlying illnesses must be treated without delay otherwise; your child might be at risk of serious dehydration that poses a threat to their life.

You should immediately consult a doctor when the general diarrhea medicine for kids runs ineffective and the child is suffering for more than 24 hours. Also, you should check if the child is running with a fever of 102 degrees or more. Moreover, if the stools contain blood or pus and are black or tarry then you should immediately seek medical help by consulting a professional to treat your child. These symptoms predict that your child is suffering from acute diarrhea caused due to bacterial, viral or parasitic infections in the bowel system of the children.

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