CBD Stress & Anxiety Bundle -CBD Tincture & Hemp Taffy Edible

Best CBD Bundle For Stress & Anxiety

Not only is Hemp Taffy great tasting, but it also offers significant health advantages over traditional CBD gummies, vaping products, and tinctures. We’ve designed this Stress and Anxiety Bundle with the purest hemp oil to ensure you get the most out of every bite.

Inside every piece of taffy are nourishing organic CBD hemp extracts and peppermint oils. Unlike gummies that you simply swallow, we design our taffy for slow chewing for maximum absorption through the mouth. The peppermint goes to work providing a refreshing taste while calming your nerves and reducing the upset stomach and dry mouth symptoms that often come along with CBD oil. Formulated for fast absorption with zero psychoactive components, you’ll love the relief Hemp Taffy provides.

Our CBD Essence Oil Tinctures Are Smooth & Tasty

The new, better flavored, and smoother textured CBD Essence™ medicinal CBD Tincture mouth drops come from domestically grown, industrial hemp plants which have a significant Cannabinoid content. They are grown on pristine tracts of land using sustainable methods and then introduced to a proper CO2 extraction. This results in the essence of the plant, along with a wholesome botanical extract (resins) and the full spectrum of cannabinoids. Along with that terpenoids, essential oils, and other compounds of the original plant are also found – just as nature intended. Sublingual absorption is one of the fastest ways to administer CBD oil into the body when you need quick results from the effects of CBD oil.

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