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POP Work


Gone are the days of plain and close to inconsiderable ceilings; now is the time to revamp the glimpses of the highest point. Solving a puzzle of how to achieve the makeover? The rebuttal is a POP Ceiling. Durability and versatility are the mains of a POP ceiling work along with being the ornate aspect of your home. It requires skilful craftsmen to deliver the intricate and elegant designs from working on the Plaster of Paris. The sophisticated yet flamboyant look for your homes can be gained with POP work. Be it layered design or suspended, false ceilings will give an enhanced look to the Interior Paint Design. False ceilings are known to provide an aesthetic and artistic look to space. Dig in to know more of what it is all about.

What is a POP false ceiling?

A secondary ceiling drooping from the initial one is called a false ceiling. To give an extra appealing look to the residence, a detailed design for the ceiling is created with Plaster of Paris. It works by employing POP powder over a chicken to support it with mechanical strength. POP work is flexible to be applied on both the corners as well the surface. False ceilings provide thermal comfort with having a noise-reducing feature complimentary. Choose according to your preferences the designs to be delved into your ceilings.

Perks of POP Ceiling Work

Acts as a concealer- False ceilings can hide the electrical wiring, ductwork or any pipes to give the space a tidy and clutter-free look.

Noise Reduction- POP ceilings have an additional feature of reducing the noise. It absorbs the sound to make the room quiet and less noisy.

Heat Insulation- False ceiling provide insulation from heat during hot summers and thus said to be energy efficient.

Pocket-friendly- You can create a new look for your space without burning your pockets. POP Ceilings are economical than building an entire ceiling from scratch.

POP work services by Colours on Walls

To cut down the tussle of makeovers, Colours on Walls provide services regarding the POP work in Bengaluru & Chennai. You can get in touch with us to book the Interior Painting Services as per your convenience. We work consistently to deliver the utmost satisfaction to our customers. Our team holds expertise in the field of POP work. We deliver results in the said time period and make sure that the customers are not kept away from the said terms and conditions. Rejoice the experience of turnover with Colours on Walls.

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