Celebrate a First Mother’s Day with These Cute, Practical Gifts

Being a mom is a full-time job that rarely includes any vacation days. Every year, however, Mother’s Day is the time to celebrate everything that moms do for their kids. If you know someone who is celebrating their very first Mother’s Day, make it a special one with these cute, practical gifts that will also make parenting a bit easier. As these gifts are more practical in nature, throwing in a gift card to her favorite coffee shop or restaurant can be a great addition.


Never Enough Blankets

The new mom in your life might already have a few blankets, but as any parent knows, you can never have enough premium baby blankets. Blankets come in handy for a variety of scenarios from playtime to cuddle time, bedtime, and more. Plus, when there are only a couple on hand, it can practically seem like new parents live in the laundry room.

Get your favorite new mom a premium baby blanket with a cute and fun print to match her nursery theme or to celebrate the warm spring weather that’s upon us. Make sure that you’re investing in a quality product and that it’s made with durable materials like cotton muslin so the blanket will hold up for years. (Bonus points if it’s machine washable.)


There’s no denying that little ones like to get messy from time to time, making bath time a very necessity ritual. To make bath time more enjoyable for both mom and baby, they’d likely appreciate a set of premium washcloths that are super soft, gentle on the skin, and are durable enough to stay silky soft for many washes to come.

Look for washcloths in stylish prints that will stand out from the assortment of washcloths they already have. Also, consider throwing in a cute hooded towel that is equally as soft to keep baby’s head warm after a bath.

All-in-One Nursery Tool

Bedtime can sometimes be the most peaceful or stressful time of the day depending on who you ask. One thing that any new mom is sure to appreciate is a helpful tool that can make bedtime and feeding time a breeze with easy, built-in features that can turn any nursery into a true sleep and relaxation paradise.

One example of a great, multitasking tool is the serenity star from aden + anais. This compact, star-shaped device features a room temperature indicator to ensure the nursery is in the right temperature range, along with a sound machine, a night light, a clock, and even a feeding diary. Although small in size, a device like this can have a big impact on your favorite new mom’s daily duties.

For the Swaddling Artist

It’s no secret that swaddling is an art form that takes some practice. Whether your favorite new mom is a swaddle artist or still trying to master the technique, a high-quality receiving blanket made with a breathable fabric will be a welcome gift. Look for one that is silky soft and features a lovely print you know mom and baby will love. And, if you have some swaddling tricks up your sleeve, be sure to share them. Happy Mother’s Day!

About aden + anais

Since 2006, aden + anais has specialized in making baby products that are safe, easy to use, and effortlessly stylish. They offer a wide selection of nursery and diaper bag essentials including burp cloths, receiving blankets, washcloths, and more, all with a focus on high-quality, breathable, comfortable materials that parents can trust. Their specialty items are made with premium cotton muslin, which is renowned for its durability and functionality. aden + anais’ products are available in a variety of seasonal and artistic prints and make great gifts for Mother’s Day, baby showers, baby’s firsts, and any other special occasion.

Shop their entire collection at Adenandanais.com

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