Celebrate Car-Free Day in Boise

Can you imagine life without a car? Here in the Treasure Valley, we’re fortunate to have more options than others, with bike lanes lining streets throughout the city as well as the famous Boise River Greenbelt that stretches throughout the city. Feel up to a challenge? Celebrate International Car-Free Day in Boise with these tips.

chandlers-restaurant-2017What Is Car-Free Day?

On September 22nd every year, people around the world are encouraged to ditch their car and instead walk, run, bike, scooter, or take public transit to get around. The mission is to spread awareness about alternative transport and reduce the number of cars on the road. Enough people choosing alternative transport could make an impact on the environment, and the demand for gas and other fossil fuels. Although one day out of the year doesn’t really seem like it could make a huge impact, if more people realize that alternatives to the car are easy to access, it can really move the needle in big ways.

Not everyone has the luxury of ditching their car for a day, but if you can, you should totally consider it. It’s just one day out of the year and the city of Boise has been working to make car-free travel easier. You might discover something new, and learn to love it even more than you expected. Even if Car-Free Day has passed, it can be fun to try new methods of travel and leave the car in the garage from time to time.

Ditch the Freeway for the Greenbelt

Although the freeway system in the Treasure Valley makes it quick and easy (depending on the traffic of the day) to get around, so does the Greenbelt. The Boise River Greenbelt follows along the Boise River and stretches for about 25 miles.

It connects an assortment of parks throughout the city, and although it’s fun to just stroll along it, it’s also a daily commute path for many Boise residents. Take a page out of their book and use this wonderful path to get from point A to point B while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Explore Downtown

Since September 22nd falls on a Sunday this year, enjoy the day off of work by roaming around downtown. The area has grown significantly in recent years with new businesses, stores, coffee shops, and restaurants popping up. Getting down there might be tricky without a car, but once you’re here, you have everything you need for a day’s worth of fun.

Visit the zoo during the day and then enjoy dinner at the best steakhouse Boise has to offer. Or, maybe get a jump-start on holiday shopping after sipping on a pumpkin spiced latte. The possibilities are endless, and it’s all possible without a car.

Rent if You Don’t Own

If you don’t have a bike, scooter, or other two-wheeled transportation device, you can rent one right on the sidewalk. Whether you want to take a nice leisurely ride on a Boise Green Bike or prefer to zip around on an e-scooter, they’re available all over downtown Boise.

Put That Gas Money Towards a Nice Dinner

Going without a car for the day can be a real challenge for many of us. If you were able to do it, put that gas money you saved towards a nice meal at one of the best fine dining Boise restaurants. Hop on an e-scooter and go for a ride and you’ll run into Chandlers, the premier steakhouse in Boise, located in Hotel 43 downtown.

Even if Car-Free Day has passed by the time you read this, it’s still a worthy challenge no matter what time of year it is. Do your part and see how easy it is to go without a car in the Treasure Valley.

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