Celebrate National Entrepreneurs’ Day with These Relaxation Essentials

National Entrepreneurs’ Day is November 21, and, according to the creators, it is intended to celebrate the entrepreneurial history of entrepreneurial businesses, suppliers, and partners.

11National Entrepreneurs’ Day was started in 2010, and it has been an official Presidential Proclamation every year since. This year, supporters are pushing for the United States Congress to pass an official resolution declaring the third Tuesday of every November as “National Entrepreneurs’ Day.”

Entrepreneurs play a significant role in our economy by investing in emerging start-ups, shaking up traditional business models, creating jobs, driving technological innovation, and promoting greater efficiencies through education and product development. These impacts can be felt locally, regionally, even globally, depending on the depth and breadth of the operation.

Whether you’re a global investor embarking on revolutionary changes or you’re working hard in your community to create new products, employment opportunities, and economic vitality, you and your partners deserve recognition, gratitude, and perhaps a little time to relax. Even if you’re not an entrepreneur personally, why not support those trying to create something in the world?

There are many ways to relax (or give the gift of relaxation), and a luxurious, high-quality spa gift set is chief among them. Replete with relaxing lotions, bath salts, lip balms, and shower gels, a gift set like this can replicate the ambiance of a true spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

For complete relaxation, look for spa gift sets that offer a combination of products in aromatic scents such as lavender, vanilla, oriental spice, or honey. Also be sure to look for a spa gift set that includes moisturizing body lotion and shower gel formulated with sustainably sourced sweet almond oil. And check to make sure gift set products are made with a vegan, gluten-free formula. These hydrating ingredients can ease the aging process and help reduce the appearance of scarring or stretch marks, making them the perfect remedy for long days at the office.

If you’re looking to relax the entrepreneurial spirit deep inside, bath gift sets are perfect to help you unwind. Look for one that includes items such as shower gel and lotions in relaxing scents such as lavender. You’ll also want it to contain products infused with rich, natural oils and a signature herbal complex to help rejuvenate and moisturize skin.

After a relaxing soak or shower, hydrate your skin with a glycerine lotion that has powerful therapeutic properties that promote health and relaxation. Plant-based glycerine is perfect for sensitive skin, and products that contain vitamin E, aloe vera, sweet almond oil, and cucumber extract will deliver powerful head-to-toe hydration. For optimal results, look for a lotion that is specially formulated with plant-derived, food-grade glycerine and is free of phthalates and gluten.

In the absence of a joint congressional resolution, a great way to pay tribute to this country’s entrepreneurs is with the gift of relaxation, and companies like Camille Beckman have a complete line of gifts that are perfect for anyone (yourself included) who could use a little R&R.

In fact, Susan Camille Beckman Roghani is an entrepreneur herself who parlayed her love of plants, botany, and agriculture into a successful skin care business. 30 years later, the Camille Beckman label has grown into a nationally recognized brand that people trust for high-quality skin care.

About Camille Beckman

Camille Beckman creates high-quality skin care and personal care products that are gluten-free and never tested on animals. The complete line of bath powders, bath soaks, lotions, and lip balms are available on their online store as well as through retail locations all across the U.S.

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