Celebrate New Chapters of Life in the New Year with These Gifts

With a new year comes new chapters in your friends and family’s lives. Whether it’s a wedding, a baby, a new home, or just starting on a new journey, here are a few gifts to celebrate important, pivotal moments in your loved ones’ lives.

1 (2)Wedding Gifts

If your friends or family members are starting their new year with a marriage, you might need a little inspiration for wedding gifts that will delight them. The registry is always a good start, but if you want to get them something a little extra, or a surprise, try these thoughtful ideas.You could go with decorations to remind them of their special day, such as a piece of wall art with a playful design of a husband and wife on their wedding day. Representing the first day of the rest of their life together and inspired by pebbles and sea glass, it’s a lovely accent for the couple’s walls. Another decoration that will delight them is a figurative sculpture of a man sitting with a woman leaning over him, arms wrapped around him in a loving embrace.

Gifts for a New Baby

Whether the new baby is welcomed by your friends or is a new family member, it’s a chance for meaningful baby gifts. It’s the perfect time to give them a teddy bear, specifically meant as a special friend that comes with an endless supply of hugs. It’s a companion that will always be there for them and will remind them of how important they are.

Alternatively, you could get the new tyke a rattle blanket, that combines a rattle and a security blanket in one. Plus, they come in cute forms such as a rabbit, elephant, cow, fox, dinosaur, unicorn, and more.

Housewarming Gifts

A housewarming present is often something practical that the new homeowner can use in their home. Consider an oven-safe ceramic family dish, perfect for the new homeowner that loves to host. One with a high-end feel and luxe finish will fit in with almost any aesthetic, making it easy to fit in with a new kitchen. One with a stamped sentiment such as, “With this dish we serve our family…our love for one another, and our gratitude for the many blessings we have received,” will deliver a lovely message, as well.

Embarking on a Journey

Whether it’s a journey abroad or across the country, for work or to find oneself, sending a gift with a friend or family member embarking on a new journey will remind them of home and how much they mean to you. An aqua ombre scarf is both fashionable and will keep them warm if they’re headed to chilly places. Choose one with friendship sentiments including, “Sometimes we need someone to simply be there, just to let us feel that we are cared for and supported.”

Another option is a set of two necklaces, one for you and one for the adventurer. One is gold-coated, a round pendant with arrows cut out of the center. The other necklace is silver-coated and has the cut-out crossed arrows, creating a mirror set of necklaces.


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