Celebrate Special Occasions at Chandlers, Boise’s Top Fine Dining Destination

When deciding on the best way to celebrate special occasions in life—those which will remain cherished memories for years to come—the first idea for most is an incredible restaurant, one with extraordinary cuisine and a warm and inviting ambiance. Sophisticated, upscale restaurants with varied menus, delicious food, world-class service and classy atmospheres are perfect for these special nights out. Occasions which are often celebrated at fine dining Boise establishments include:

Special Date

For any couple—whether on a first date or a 50th wedding anniversary—there is no better place to be together than an elegant restaurant.Spending time together and enjoying each other’s company while sharing a splendid dinner and wine in a relaxed environment…it does not really get much better than that!

Rehearsal Dinner

A rehearsal dinner is arranged as a way to show gratitude to relatives and close friends for their support of the engagement and assistance with wedding preparations. Hostingan evening of dinner and drinksat a top restaurant is a thoughtful gesture, one certain to be appreciated by each attendee.

Career Move

When someone is promoted or secures an exciting job opportunity, a dinner party is a terrific way to celebrate with colleagues and friends. Everyone loves a delicious meal, great wine and intriguing conversation–and, of course, plenty of champagne for congratulatory toasts!


Retirement is a much-awaited time in the lives of most Americans. Reaching a point of finally being able to relax and spend more time with family and friends without worrying about work is a deserved milestone that should be celebrated. There is no finer way to do mark the transition to retirement than by enjoying a wonderful evening of food, drink and merriment.

Marriage Proposal

Popping the question to a loved one is among the most important moments in one’s life. Because it is such a cherished event—and one that will be remembered forever—it should take place in an environment that is sumptuous and spectacular. A sophisticated restaurant perfectly fits the bill.

Although these are examples of special occasions which are often celebrated in a fine dining establishment, one never needs a defined reason for enjoying spectacular food, splendid wine and cocktails and great live music. In a class of its own, Chandlers is the most popular and awarded of fine downtown Boise restaurants. Chandlers is renowned for offering Boise’s best prime steaks, freshest seafood, most extensive wine list and only nightly live jazz.

About Chandlers:

Chandlers is a fine dining restaurant located in beautiful downtown Boise. It promises guests world-class service, the most delicious steaks and seafood Boise has to offer and ambiance that is second-to-none.

For more information, please visit Chandlersboise.com.

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