Celebrate the Spirit of Nature with Reindeer Moss

Moss walls turn your bland interior into something stunning. The visuals combine the timelessness of nature with innovative technology, and design is second-to-none. However, have you ever wondered about the incredible scientific benefits your beautiful moss wall art brings to your interior?

Let us look at the impressive benefits of these wall arts:

Improves air quality

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that exposure to air pollution was the primary reason that caused more than four million deaths in 2012. In addition, people suffer from strokes, lung cancer, and several types of heart diseases. Moss can combat air pollution. So, if you know someone is suffering from breathing problems or any respiratory diseases, you can opt for eco-friendly gifts such as moss art for their walls.

Less Stress

Plants play a significant role in regulating the stress level, both in-office and home environments. A study conducted on the stress level of employees working in environments with plants felt 12% less stressed than those working in an environment without plants. If you are not a fan of potted plants, you can also go for moss wall art to reduce the stress level among employees.

Reduces Airborne Dust

Airborne dust contains a variety of potentially dangerous contaminants. These include aerosols from cleaners, smoke particles, and dust from chemicals, moulds, and fumes. Inhaling the airborne dust puts you at risk of developing dust-related diseases such as allergic alveolitis, asthma, cancer, and other respiratory diseases. When you introduce moss into a room, even in the form of moss wall art, it controls the airborne dust. Moss absorbs and metabolises the soluble organic compounds present in the airborne dust, thereby eliminating them from the air.

Noise Reduction

You often escape to forests to spend some time in peace and out from the bustling city noises. If you have a friend or relative living in an area severely affected by noise, you can go for eco-friendly gifts such as potted plants or plant wall art. It helps in blocking noises. Even moss walls create a similar effect of being in a forest or having potted plants on your balcony.

You can decorate your office setting and home environment or even present our special reindeer moss arts to someone special. They deliver health and enhance the aura of your interior!

About the Author:

Ewa Urbanowicz is the founder of Reindeer Moss Art. She is a creative part of a family business, and the nature is her greatest design inspiration. She takes care of the smallest details in each project and is constantly looking for new natural products that can be used in her moss arts.

She loves traveling, a natural accents in the interior design and an extraordinary home accessories. Dog lover, especially the Chow Chow breed.


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