Celebrity Instagram and Zoom Live: A Terrific Window into Stars’ Homes

Self-isolation and social distancing have forced everyone, including celebrities, to work from home. Fortunately, most of the stars are using online services like Zoom and Instagram to keep their fans entertaining.

The ongoing health outbreak has changed the lives of people throughout the globe in an unexpected way. Also, it has brought produced unexpected outcomes everywhere, whether it is big enterprises, small businesses, companies, or governments. But, as a positive outcome, the ongoing health outbreak has provided the fans an opportunity to look inside the lives of these celebrities. Some of the most famous stars of the world have spent a lot of time on several apps such as Zoom and Instagram Live. These famous people have opened up their lives to the fans by showing the glimpses of their lives at home. We are accustomed to watching celebrities’ attained fame from public performance. We have seen actors performing in movies and TV shows. But, the public performances by our actors and stars are on pause due to the current scenario.

Celebrity Instagram

The platforms like Zoom and Instagram has become very much valuable in these days. Entertainment plays a big role when it comes to coping with stress and tension. It’s great if the people could connect to their favorite celebrities who they admire through live videos from their homes. It is an exciting and amicable reminder that we all are together in this tough situation. Also, it is relaxing for many who are waiting and wondering when the situation will return to normalcy. The use of Zoom and Instagram has also become a good medium for celebrities a great platform to keep their fans happy. Two stars have especially won the hearts of their fans by opening many things about their lives in self-isolation.

The Inspirational Weekly chats of Rock

Dwayne Johnson is the star of the world’s biggest movie and is very much popular among the fans. He could be seen active on Instagram often, but this time, he is streaming live on Instagram his gym at his home, which is part of his social distancing goals. Dwayne answers the questions of his followers’ life by inviting their questions. He often answers the queries of his fans after finishing up his workouts. He has been handling several questions of his fans regarding Wrestlemania, which is the main event with Stone Cold Steve Austin. He also answered the question of his fans regarding how he is handling after distancing himself from acting career. Also, a fan asked him how becoming a father has motivated him to get success, for which he answered very patiently.

Dwayne alias The Rock has always been a mesmerizing person. The timing of his live streaming of chats with the fans is very much helpful during the ongoing health outbreak. It is not only about looking into his personal life, but it is an excellent way to feel connected with another human.

Celebrity Zoom Challenges

Katie Nolan of ESPN introduced the game on Zoom, which later ended up after adding several sports analysts and stars. The game introduced on Zoom brought immense popularity to the app. Katie set up a Zoom chat with some other sports media people, and then it was issued that each person will send the same text message to some other person who is still not involved in the chat for roping the most famous person or guest. Soon, the conversation started roping in several different famous personalities.


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