Cellma’s Audiology Module- What’s Offered?

RioMed provides a wide range of Cellma modules that can be tailored to the needs of any healthcare organization. The software also includes modules with specialized content for conditions, functions, and job roles.

Cellma enables audiology practices to go paperless in all aspects of their clinical and rehabilitation practices. Its modular design allows for an efficient care pathway for audiology patients, from referral and early assessment to treatment and surgery, and then to long-term patient follow-up and support. Cellma’s goal is to help with the collection and storage of patient data, which could include hearing screening and testing.

Cellma’s Audiology solutions can assist you in the following ways:

Cellma gives practices the option of using patient portals to facilitate virtual consultations, or they can book an online appointment with the speech pathologist or audiologist through the Patient App if they prefer a physical consultation.
Worklists for auditory screening tests can include tasks, evaluations, and investigations.
Customized assessments, such as hearing tests and immittance audiometry, help add notes to the patient’s records in the Electronic Patient Record.
The doctor’s prescriptions/medications are also listed on the patient profile. From the patient summary, e-prescriptions can also be sent to the Patient App.

Cellma’s Devices Module, with its integrated barcode technology, enables a service to automatically monitor stock levels for devices, processors, and their associated accessories. It tracks stock from the time it is ordered to the time it is transferred to and from surgery, as well as spares, repairs, and upgrades.
Input costs at each stage of the treatment plan allow for accurate and timely patient billing.
Cellma also provides a wide range of reporting options, as well as a dashboard reporting platform, to support service, finance, regulatory, and statutory reporting to all key stakeholders.
RioMed takes another step forward! We are pleased to announce that we are on track to implement our audiology system in a reputable institution using Cellma audiology solutions.

Stay tuned for more information. To learn more about Cellma and our other products, as well as how they can help your organization become more efficient, please visit our website or contact us.

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