Cellma’s contribution to Global COVID-19 Vaccination in 2021

Cellma’s Covid vaccine management solution throughout 2021 provided significant resources for vaccination projects at various sites First, in the Caribbean islands of Antigua and Trinidad and Tobago, Cellma has helped manage COVID19 vaccination processes at more than 220 sites.

On the island of Antigua, Cellma has been used to monitor public health systems across the island as well as:

Other public sector agencies, etc.
Antigua-specific development included options for the general public to access vaccine portals, patient portals, and electronic certificates. For example, the Vaccines Portal allowed authorized authorities to view vaccination status using QR codes, while the Patient Portal allowed patients to self-register and make an appointment for the first and second dose. Patients could also view their electronic certificates online.

Across the island, more than 26 sites, private and public, have been used as vaccination sites and as such have used the Cellma solution to facilitate vaccine management.

In Trinidad and Tobago, Cellma has been used by both the public and private sectors to implement the vaccination program quickly and efficiently. It officially started in March 2021 and continued throughout the year. There have been various developments aligned with the program given the dynamic nature, breadth, and design of the implementation program. These include various check-in methods for authorized personnel such as;

Single-page recording
Patient portal for making an appointment for the second dose
Recording of adverse reactions and
Self-recording in one place on the date of the appointment
At each vaccination site, there is had various data entry, stock transfers, and administrative controls facilitated by Cellma. The total number of sites under the program was over 200 sites.

Cellma was also instrumental in customizing key COVID19 screening assessments for the NHS Hospital in North West Central London and COVID19 assessments for the Medical Research Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago.

As 2022 approaches, with COVID19 variants still prevalent and callbacks required, RioMed will continue to support needed health sectors with the necessary technical support and infrastructure. For more information on how our immunization management system works, please contact us.

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