Cellma’s Referral Management and How It Benefits Workplace Occupation Health

There are specific guidelines that must be followed when an employee requires sick or absent leave or documentation relating to either. In this blog, we will discuss how Cellma can help to streamline the process by utilizing the referral management module to help improve workplace Occupational Health and Safety protocols.

The ability to demonstrate that an employee is Fit to Work is critical to proper Occupational Health and Safety protocols at the workplace. Employees are referred to authorized Occupational Health and Safety practitioners, who are either contracted by the said place of employment or run privately. Some of the reasons why an employee may be referred to such practitioners for any of the following:

As previously stated, to demonstrate fitness for work (this can be done as a new employee or at any time during employment as the company may seek to assess that the work being done and the environment in which it is being done does not affect the employee’s health).
In response to an employee’s illness or continued absence from work, an examination may be performed to verify “sick leave.”
As a result of continued absence from work due to an accident or other incident that results in sick leave
Any health issues affecting attendance, performance, or behavior at work.

Cellma’s Referral Management module enables managers or HR professionals to submit a customized form or request to the Occupational Health and Safety service via email, or in some cases, self-referral can be managed through our referral portal. Once the referral form/request is submitted, it is evaluated, logged, and an appointment is scheduled for the requesting party based on the services they require.


All available forms, letters, and documentation are tailored to the organization and stored in Cellma for easy access by medical professionals.

History of the Patient

The patient’s history, which includes everything:

Medications used
Doctor/doctors conduct assessments and investigations
Notes from the doctor
Results of blood tests

Any medical actions taken during the patient’s visit are included in the patient’s summary, allowing the Occupational Health practitioner to review previous visits or the patient’s history of illness/absence.

Occupational Health Examinations

Customized Assessments for Occupational Health Services can be included, allowing the practitioner to conduct and record the results required to make an informed decision for the employee.

Proper communication is essential for the Occupational Health practitioner to have a proper understanding of what is required of the employee or the organization. This can include emails, text messages, and chat functionality between the HR or Manager and the Medical Practitioner.

Given the size of the workforce, consistent reporting every week/month is required to account for all services performed by the medical practitioner as well as the quality of these services. Contact us for more information on how Cellma can help you streamline your Occupational Health Services in the workplace!

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