Chakra Kartika System

Chakra Kartika is a magickal power that makes you look younger and attractive, it will help you to increase self-confidence. This magickal power is also infuses positive energy to your auric field, so will strengthen the auric-radiance and increase personal magnetism. No one can deny your charms. After receive initiation, you can also create Chakra Kartika Essential Water, so you can helps others that need the benefits of this magickal power without give them initiation. Chakra Kartika System

You’ll receive the original manual sent by pdf emailed attachment, a mp3 attachment with the Indonesian mantra and 1 distant energy attunement sent by chi ball.

System may reflect some of the religious belief systems of Indonesia as shared by Master Hari Winarso.

Ancient Attunement to Confuse and Defeat Enemies

This energy works by causing your enemies to become confused and to defeat themselves. Causing the truth to be revealed generally does this. Real justice is often hard to come by, but now the likelihood of it being realized is much greater. As this is the purpose of this process then it will not work against those who are innocent.

The Orb of life this comes to you in is a very intelligent spiritual energy, and it will not be deceived in this. The truth will be exposed for all to see so be certain that is what you really want before you send out these energies to do your work.

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