Challenge World Boss – Lost Ark Salt Giant

One of the greatest joys for players in Lost Ark is to constantly challenge bosses of different difficulty. Defeating the bosses will be rewarded with rich loot, which also encourages us to keep upgrading and challenging. During the exploration process, we need to upgrade the characters and Equipment to have the ability to fight with more powerful bosses.

In addition to getting rewards in battle, you can also get materials or upgrade items by doing quests. If you want to pursue more items and currencies like Gold Lost Ark, then exploring the island will be more profitable.

Salt Giant is a great option if you like exploring new territory. Find the location of the Salt Giant and defeat it. First, we have to find where the Salt Giants spawn in Lost Ark. Improve your weaponry and prepare to defeat the Salt Giant.

Lost Ark Salt Giant spawn location

The Salt Giant is located in the middle of the Saland Hills. Players can find Saland Hills in Aregal Salt Plains. Salt Giants don’t spawn every 30 minutes, so you won’t be able to find the Salt Giant when you pass through the area, it’s possible that other players have come before you, and you’ll have to wait for the Salt Giant to respawn in the spawn area.

If you don’t want to wait another 30 minutes to fight the salt giant, you can switch to another channel. There, check to see if the Salt Giant has spawned so you can fight it. To check, there will be a red marker on the ground that the Salt Giant is nearby, find it, and fight it.

The Best Way to Beat the Salt Giant

The Salt Giant is one of the world bosses, a level 19 boss. Therefore, do not despise your enemies. To make sure you win in the end, use strategy instead of fighting blindly.

All of Salt Giant’s attacks are in front, so you can sneak behind it and attack it. The Salt Giant cannot be easily killed by the player as it has a massive 10 million health. This made the fight more difficult, and it was a protracted battle.

It’s also worth noting that you don’t rush things with Salt Giant, because if you try to do this, you’ll end up getting killed when you try to complete the combo. Take your time, as none of his attacks have any stuns or debuffs. And his attack speed is very slow.

Salt Giant has tons of AoE attacks, see here:

Ground Pounce: During the attack, Salt Giant will wind up and then punch the ground.
Salt Rain: A red AOE circle appears around Salt Giant. In the circle, large chunks of salt rocks will rain down.
Salt Sprinkler: Using this attack, Salt Giant will outstretch his palm. From his palm, he will shoot a spray of salt. The salt does residual damage to the player.
Swiping Punch: It is the basic melee attack of Salt Giant. During the attack, he winds up and then swings his fist in the air in front of him.

Salt Giant uses special abilities to increase damage by 6%. Anyway, before starting the battle, make sure to increase all the Virtues of your character, if your level is lower than Salt Giant, then you can use Gold or items to upgrade your character first, RPGStash will help you achieve your goals quickly.

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