Changes Made in Al Capone’s life in Tom Hardy’s New Film Capone

The prohibition era of the USA had led to the rise of various popular gangsters of that time. Al Capone will always remain on the top of the list whenever anyone across the world thinks of powerful American mobsters. The infamous life of Capone has been shown several times through films, TV shows, or even books. Now, filmmaker Josh Trank has made a film on Capone, aka Scarface’s life. The film has been completed quite a month back, and due to amid pandemic, it has been released in on-demand formats instead of the theatres.

The film has obtained mixed reviews by the fans as well as by the critics. However, compared to the previous films made on Capone’s life, this one has a new story. The subsequent film depicts the life of Capone after he is released from prison. The movie didn’t feature anything about his early life in which he was the boss of the Chicago Outfit. However, there are several scenes and stories in the subsequent film that have been added by Trank himself. The final days of Capone’s real life are a bit different from the film. Below we have mentioned all the facts and scenes of Josh Trank’s Capone that are fictional or never happened in the real-life of Al Capone.

Capone’s Buried 10 Million$

This is one of the most popular anecdotes about Al Capone that he had hidden a whopping sum of 10 Million $ in cash. Several rumors stated that he had buried the money in the jungle or somewhere else. Al Capone was a powerful bootlegger; thus, the subsequent tale can be easily believed by anyone. The film of Josh Trank also depicts a similar narrative about the popular anecdote. The film features that after release from the prison, Capone himself admits that he has hidden his money, but due to a memory deflation, he forgot about the location. However, he later proclaimed to his family and former gang members that he had buried the money near a lake or a river, but he didn’t remember where it was.

In reality, the FBI, along with several real-life gang members of Capone, stated that it is a rumor there is no secret money either treasure of him. Till now, there are now facts, and pieces of evidence found that could prove the subsequent tale true.

Capone’s Second Son

Trank has used another mystery to play with the mind of the audience. The mystery is that Capone has a secret son from one of his affairs. The film stated that Capone’s secret son hated him a lot, and he never tried to meet Al until the end scene of the film. However, in reality, Capone was known for being loyal to his wife and family. Although several gang members of Capone have talked about the fact that he was a womanizer and had lots of affairs, nobody ever stated about his secret son.

Capone Family

Along with an invalid son, the movie has also featured various other fictional things about the Capone family. The first one is that Capone’s real brother Ralphie lived with him until he died, but in reality, he spent most of the days of his life in Wisconsin. In short, Capone was insecure about the life of his family so much that he usually preferred them to live far from him. Another big thing that the film has missed is that Capone’s son was deaf since he was born. In the film, Trank has not shown anything related to the disability of Capone’s son.

Capone Changes FBI Investigation

The film features the FBI spying Capone even after he has been released from prison. Although this is a true narrative as in reality, the FBI had monitored Capone until he died, but the movie showed that Capone misguides them a lot. Alongside, the movie depicts a doctor who went to Capone quite frequently to examine the mental state of Capone. The doctor is a former agent of the FBI who knows about the hidden money of Capone, but in reality, it is found that there is no such doctor. Every week for a couple of years, the FBI sent doctors to Capone in real life too, but they kept on changing the doctors. Again, Trank has used a mystery creating fact; there are no pieces of evidence that says that the FBI monitored Capone.

Valentine Day Massacre

The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre is regarded as one of the most tragic and often considered as the first public shooting event in the history of American gangsters. The event took place in 1929 when the most prominent gang members of George Moran, aka Bugs, were eliminated by a group of shooters. The accident also took the life of a child of a police officer. The movie depicts that Al Capone has ordered his executives to kill the rival gang members. However, Capone was never found guilty for it, and several gang members of the Chicago Outfit said that Capone was not behind the subsequent massacre.

Capone’s Remorse

It is a true fact that Capone went mentally sick, and it is the significant reason behind his release from prison. However, in the film, director Trank has shown that he went several times into his previous memories. These memories sometimes lead him to the nightmare of his secret son and all the killings that he has committed or ordered. Again, no former friend, family member, or even doctors of Al Capone had reported in the past about any such traumas of Al.

Capone Quit Smoking

Capone, in reality, never quit smoking in his whole life, and apparently, excessive smoking of cigars was the reason for his death. However, in the film, they have shown that Capone has given up smoking in his final days and is now having carrots instead of Cigars. Capone’s filmmaker Josh Trank has stated in reference to the subsequent context that he added the carrot part in his film to add a fun aspect to it.

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