Changing Doctors in a Workers Compensation Case

Getting proper medical treatment is vital for you to recover from your work injury. Your doctor will not only provide treatment but also determine and report the severity of your injuries, to help your claim. For your health’s sake, he’ll even set you on work restrictions or decide your return to work.

It happens, sometimes, that a physician isn’t providing the right medical treatment that a plaintiff needs to recover. If you find yourself in such a scenario, you may be wondering whether you can get a new doctor.

It’s vital to understand the rules and conditions that guide changing physicians so that you don’t lose your claim. This article can guide you, but it’s good you consult a workers compensation lawyer Lancaster PA, before making a decision.

Who Chooses Your Initial Workers Compensation Doctor

In Pennsylvania, employers have the right to provide a list of designated medical providers, with whom injured workers should seek treatment. This list called a “panel list,” usually contains six medical providers, at least three of whom are physicians.

Injured workers must select one of the medical providers within 90 days following the injury. However, it’s possible that the employer doesn’t have a list, or it doesn’t contain a required specialist. In both cases, the worker can choose his doctor within the 90-day timeframe.

After the 90 days, employees can select their doctors, as long as they provide a notification to the employer. Otherwise, they’ll pay for the treatment themselves. Click here to know more.

Switching to a New Workers Compensation Doctor

Using the Panel List

If you’re considering changing your current doctor, you can use the panel list, if you’re within the 90 days timeframe. You might then need to notify your employer of your new choice. Sometimes, changing through the panel may be a one-time offer, and your employer will inform you of your options.

Choosing a Different Doctor

You can also pick a new doctor, especially if the 90-day period is over. You can only change to a different doctor within 90 days if your injuries require a specialist who’s not on the list. As with using the panel list, you’ll need to inform your employer of your desire to switch doctors.


You can switch doctors at any time if you feel you aren’t getting the appropriate treatment. However, this process is subject to certain conditions. It’s advisable to follow an attorney’s guidance before making decisions regarding your claim.

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