Chanu Dasari, MD: Las Vegas’s Top Gallbladder Removal Surgeon

Our practice, Minimally Invasive Surgery, has one of the highest-rated gallbladder specialists in Las Vegas, Dr. Chanu Dasari. Patients seek Dr. Dasari nationwide for his clinical expertise and surgical and non-surgical treatments of the gallbladder.

During your personalized evaluation, our Dr. Dasari walks you through the issues you’re facing with your gallbladder. You can completely trust this gallbladder surgery doctor. He may prescribe surgery if the gallbladder is completely failing and needs to be removed. Gallbladder removal surgery is the most common elective procedure performed in the United States every year. Patients experiencing abdominal pain, inflamed pancreas, or jaundice may be experiencing a gallbladder attack that may require cholecystectomy as treatment.

There are two ways gallbladder disease is treated surgically:

● Traditional open surgery

● Laparoscopic surgery

Although laparoscopic cholecystectomy is a minimally invasive treatment with small incisions and faster recovery, it takes the skills of an expert gallbladder surgeon to treat it successfully. Our specialist surgeon is the expert at treating the complex gallbladder issues.

With Dr. Dasari’s minimally invasive treatment of the gallbladder you get:

● Less scaring

● Low risk of infection in and around the wound

● Faster recovery

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