Character Duos in Infinity Saga Who Never Spoke to Each Other on Screen: MCU

Enthusiastic followers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were extremely excited when the movie Avengers: Endgame released. People with different superhero preferences united to watch all of them fight against a common enemy. But some of them never shared screen space or spoke to one another for some reason or the other. Here are some such duos:

Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch

Despite sharing very similar powers, the two superheroes have never met on the screen. The two played a vital role in winning against the biggest villain on NCU yet, but they never got a chance to relish the victory together.

Spider-Man and The Hulk

The Hulk was absent during the fight in Captain America: Civil War because he was not on the planet since the Age of Ultron. This is why he could not be in attendance when Spider-Man made his debut with MCU, and Bruce never exchanged words with the teen hero.

The Wasp and Iron Man

The Wasp and Tony Stark, (also known as Iron Man) were founders of the team and have had several conversations in the comics. Still, movies have not presented this history between them on screen, and they have never interacted in any movie. Now that Iron Man is no more after his sacrifice in the Endgame, this interaction is not possible anymore.

Black Panther and Thor

The two nearly spoke to each other in the movie Infinity War but not quite. T’Challa commanded his troops in the battle against Thanos when Black Order attacked Wakanda. The God of Thunder was also present in this war and unknowingly teamed up with Black Panther.

Captain Marvel and Loki

Captain Marvel was the first female-led franchise and released in 2019. The space superhero was not present on Earth for the major part of the events. Hence she never got a chance to speak to the very first villain in the MCU universe.

Iron Man and Shuri

The two are undoubtedly the most genius and clever characters in the MCU, and it would have been a treat to watch their abilities unite in the battle of Endgame. But sadly, Shuri and T’Challa were killed by Thanos’s snap, and Tony was left to understand time travel all by himself.

Spider-Man and Shuri

The Princess of Wakanda also missed an opportunity to speak with one of the youngest members of the team. Both Spider-Man and Shuri were driven, and courageous individuals and their interaction could have been dynamic.

Ant-Man and Star-Lord

Quill and Lang are two humorous characters, but their paths never crossed because they live in separate places. Peter Quill kept himself busy leading the Guardian of the Galaxy in outer space while Scott Lang was on earth helping Avengers in the vital battles of Civil War and Endgame.

Black Widow and Gamora

Similar to Ant-Man and Star-Lord, these two have been living and operating in different locations of the universe. Hence the possibility of their paths crossing was bleak. By the end of Infinity War and Endgame, both these fierce women had lost their lives, and fans will never get to see them speak ever.

Infinity War and Endgame have been MCU’s most zealous projects till today. The world saw several superheroes who, till now, were happy in their separate worlds, come together, and fight alongside each other to save the world.

Source: Character Duos in Infinity Saga Who Never Spoke to Each Other on Screen: MCU

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