Characteristics Of An Acceptable CDR Report

To prove your engineering competency, you need to write a CDR report and submit it to Engineers Australia for consideration. Therefore, you must pay heed to all the points that are necessary to enhance the quality of your CDR. It is because the chances of your Australian immigration as an engineer are dependent on the quality of this report.

Paying heed to this fact and sincere intention to help you, we have written this blog so that we can familiarize you with the features of a successful CDR. So, read the whole blog investing your undivided attention.

Characteristics of an excellent CDR for a positive EA assessment:

1. You need to remember that the purpose of your Career Episodes is to show your skills as an Engineering Technologist, Professional Engineer, Engineering Manager or Engineering Associate. Thus, you’d better choose them after a careful consideration to demonstrate the competency elements for the engineering category in which you are applying. Take CDR report help if having any confusion here.

2. Utilize correct Australian English. Your CDR report is expected to show your communication skills to the EA evaluator.

3. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind is to avoid unwanted details and unnecessary information in your report which Engineers Australia doesn’t ask for. For instance, Engineers Australia doesn’t want to know the whole history of your company, the attainments of your team or the market size or share your employer. The thing it asks for is what role you played in the company and the contribution you paid to your organization as an engineer.

4. You must substantiate all your claims with documents and proof. Give evidence of the results you have achieved.

5. EA asks you to write your Career Episodes in a particular way. Therefore, you must write it in the first person (in an active voice). It means you should use words like ‘I performed’ and ‘I had this idea’ and the like.

6. EA will also ask you to write a Summary Statement in which you need to analyze how each paragraph you wrote in all your three Career Episodes’ are related to the competency elements for the Skilled Migration category you have decided to apply for. So, you must remain relevant at all times. If you don’t do it, you will lose ‘analysis’ points. If you feel intimidated here, take CDR writing help.

Required documents to be submitted along with your CDR report:

1. A recent passport-sized photo

2. Your current passport page with your photo and name on it

3. Academic degree certificate

4. TOEFL iBT result or IELTS result

5. Most updated resume

6. A complete and official academic transcript

7. Professional Registration Certificate (if applicable)

8. Name Change documentation (if applicable)

9. Documentary employment evidence for the last 1 year and as well as employment as mentioned in the Career Episodes you mention in your CDR.


If you need more information regarding a CDR report, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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