Charna Island Snorkeling Scuba diving Cliff Diving

Charna Island Snorkeling Scuba diving Cliff Diving

Charna Island is the place dream where people want to go for enjoyment. Charna Island is the hidden place in the Arabian Sea. This place is the best famous and most popular for Charna Island Snorkeling Scuba diving Cliff Diving trips best picnic points in karachi. Natural place with shinning Sky large mountains, clear sky blue water at Charna Island Snorkeling Scuba diving Cliff Diving. Every person want to see natural places and wonderful scenes best one of picnic places in karachi.

Best time to go Charna Island Snorkeling Scuba:

The best time of enjoyment for every visitors in the months of November till April. Charna island snorkeling scuba diving cliff diving It is a phenomenon thing that water is so hot seems like warm during the winter in these months .
April the best duration for visiting.

Charna Island Weather:

The weather of charna island usually change according to the every month. During the winter weather is cool but water of sea usually warm. Some time heavy rain start. But in summer the temperature is hot and water of sea is cool. High and low tides of sea make the visitors excited at churna island. Clear blue sky is shining in the summer. When waves of sea on the high peak then the Navy of Pakistan close the way that going to charna island.

Churna Island Snorkeling Mask and Diving:

A tube for a swimmer to breath through while under water is called snorkeling gear. The practice of swimming for visitors. When your body moving in the water with diving snorkeling mask . A wet suit may also be worn in the cool water .without diving snorkel mask you can not see the scene under water. Slander are also use during scuba diving.

Cliff Diving or Cliff Jumping:

It is the place where you jump in the Sea is called cliff at charna island. When you dive into the clear blue water from the height of 30-50 feet. People wear the dive suit before to go to cliff.

Trip To Charna Island Cave:

Churna Island explore the caves. It is the hidden place from naked eye. Our aircraft will take you deep into the heart place of the mountain.

Transportation and Riding Boats:

Transportation also available in this travel. Air conditioned buses will be taken the visitors at charna island. These buses will take you to the place Mubarak village Manjhar kott beech. Through buss take time one hour to go Mubarak village approximately. And one hour travel in boat from Mubarak village to charna island. local boats will take visitors of dream place at charna island.

Charna Islands Fishing Point:

Best fishing point is the charna island. The visitors go for enjoyment and catch the fishes. Visitors take the grabbed nut for catch the fishes and dropped the bait into the water. Many ambitious person catch the fishes during the entertainment charna fishing weather.
Wonderful scene are in deep sea that is unbelievable. create it with full enjoyment. Some instructions

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