CHC33015 – Everything You Need To Know About This Aged Care Course


If you are involved in the aged care industry, chances are you have heard of CHC33015 – The Aged Care Course. Even if you work in another sector and haven’t heard this course yet, you will no doubt come across the term at some point or another, as it appears to be one of the most prominent qualifications when it comes to working in aged care. What exactly is CHC33015? What does it cover? And how can it benefit your career in aged care? Keep reading to learn all about chc33015 course and its benefits!

What Is the Purpose of Learning CHC33015 Aged Care Course?

Aged care is a profession in which people work with the elderly. These professionals provide care and assistance for those who are not able to do so for themselves, typically in their own homes or residential aged care facilities.

The certificate 3 in aged care is designed to give you the skills and knowledge required for employment as an aged care worker and will ensure your qualification meets the Australian Qualifications Framework.

What Will It Help Me Achieve In My Aged Care Career?

The Certificate III in Aged Care helps you gain the knowledge and skills required to work effectively as an aged care worker in the health service. It provides you with a range of specialist skills that will help you provide high quality care for older people, including care and support for dementia, mental health, chronic disease management, medical conditions and end-of-life care. The Certificate III in Aged Care is nationally recognised by both industry and government, which means it’s applicable anywhere in Australia.

Can Anyone Learn and Complete the Training?

No, the course is designed for people who are working in aged care. It is based on the National Certificate III in Aged Care Services qualification which is a mandatory qualification for any person providing aged care services. The qualification is also recognised by other professionals and employers such as doctors, nurses, social workers and physiotherapists. The course will equip students with knowledge and skills that are relevant to aged care work within different settings including residential facilities and home-care settings.

How Long Does It Take To Complete This Module?

The average time it takes to complete this module is around six months. However, you can work at your own pace and finish when it suits you best. As long as you meet the minimum requirements for completion before the twelve month expiry date, you will receive a certificate of completion of this module. The certificate is valid for five years from the date of issue.

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